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    Student Testimonial: Arcos Journeys Abroad

    Student Testimonial: Arcos Journeys Abroad

    Posted December 13, 2021, 11:58 am by TeenLife
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    Savia Ronchetti - Arcos Journeys Abroad

    How Did You Hear About This Summer Opportunity?

    In summer 2021, I participated in Arcos Journeys Abroad's Outdoor Adventure and Cultural Exploration program. My older sister attended several Arcos experiences in different countries, including a semester abroad, and loved them. This was how I got to know about this opportunity and soon after applied!

    What Was A Typical Day In Your Program Like?

    My experience lived up to, if not exceeded, my expectations. I was welcomed into Granada by a wonderful host-mother and two incredible roommates. The accommodations were within walking distance of the main part of town and most of the designated meeting areas. The adventure program was exactly what it sounds like: many hikes, mountain biking, swimming, camping and more. And we were given full access to a stunning gym that was conveniently located five minutes from our host-mother's house. My roommates and I loved exploring cool parts of city and visited many local shops and tea houses. I came back with more confidence in my Spanish, a deep interest in Spanish culture, and many new amazing friends and memories.

    What Was Your Favorite Part of Your Summer Program?

    This program brought us all over the multifaceted and colorful city of Granada: eating traditional foods, speaking to and learning from local artists, and experiencing everything from the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the rocky beaches of the Mediterranean coast. This was such an incredible adventure and I would highly recommend it. I loved this program for every reason I just described but most importantly the people! I cannot stress enough the unbelievable kindness of both the staff and the students. I am looking forward to my next experience with Arcos, next summer in Mexico!

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