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    Our Latest Guide for High School Students Can Make Your Summer

    Posted March 14, 2018, 12:00 pm by Marie Schwartz
    Group of teens in matching shirts participating in summer program

    What is it about summer that invites experimentation and risk among high school students? Is it the freedom? The long days (and warm nights)? The bouts of boredom? The prospect of that haunting question in the fall, “What did you do this summer?”

    Some of you will have a job or internship that helps you pay the bills and/or acquire valuable employment skills. Others will be practicing at getting better at a sport. What if this summer you channeled some of your energy into an experience that led to new interests, new friends, new places and new chances to discover something positive about yourself? That would be a summer worth bragging about.

    TeenLife Media’s 2018 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs can help you do all that and more. Our guide lists more than 50 summer programs, from STEM programs on college campuses to group travel adventures, looking for high school students eager to take a risk on themselves.

    We list programs to match all interests, schedules and budgets. For example, you could learn a new language, or become better at math. You could study something out of your comfort zone – theater, chemistry, creative writing – or dive deeper into something you love. You could climb a mountain, raft a river, sleep under the stars – or learn to navigate a college campus. You could make a difference with a community service or environmental project. You could learn more about the world in another country or a neighboring state. You could risk pushing yourself to be a better athlete, a better student, a better friend and a better leader.

    Our guide also has tips on how to make the best of a summer program, such as how to dodge summer “brain drain”; pick the best sport camp; or thrive in an overseas homestay. And we’ve got tips from other students who’ve been there.

    Want more? Go to www.TeenLife.com, where we have thousands more summer programs as well as links to independent advisors who can help you make the most of this summer. And, then, take that leap and create your own brag-worthy summer.



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    Marie Schwartz

    Marie Schwartz

    Marie Schwartz is the CEO and Founder of TeenLife Media. Marie launched TeenLife in 2007 after moving to Boston with her husband and two middle school sons and discovering that there were no information resources for families with older children. Today, TeenLife's award-winning website lists thousands of summer and gap year programs, schools, college admission resources and volunteer opportunities for teens around the world.