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    Online Learning Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss This Winter/Spring

    Posted January 8, 2021, 7:25 pm by TeenLife
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    Online schooling has been a tumultuous experience for parents, students, and teachers alike. For almost a year now, schools have been scrambling to find the right balance between safety and an effective education. With COVID-19 cases rising and the vaccine rollout slower than anticipated, it does seem like online learning is here to stay.

    After school activities and clubs are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Parents and students can take comfort in the fact that, aside from keeping their loved ones safe, many amazing courses and enrichment opportunities are now offered online. Programs that would otherwise require traveling, fighting for a limited spot, and paying a high fee are now accessible for free or at a lower cost to anyone with an internet connection and a computer with a web camera.

    So what can students do during after school and on weekends? They can’t meet in large groups, movie theaters aren’t open, and sitting in a coffee shop for a change of scenery isn’t an option.

    Why not dive into a topic that actually interests them? Why not connect with other students around the nation and world that are in the same situation? Why not make new friends, learn new things, and pass the time in a meaningful way?

    TeenLife hears about new opportunities daily! Here are some of the top online learning experiences that students can take advantage of this winter and spring.

    Online STEM and Academic Programs

    Boston Leadership Institute STEM

    Want to learn how the medical community tackles the COVID-19 pandemic? Maybe learn about the science between fitness and sports? Whatever it is, there are many different types of unique courses that give students a chance to hone in on a subject that is a point of passion for them.

    Northwestern University Center for Talent Development (CTD) Online Programs

    Need to engage more with the instructor and class, and get extra help/get ahead for core subjects? Northwestern’s CTD offers essential (like reading, writing, grammar), enrichment (like astrobiology, mythology), and honors courses (like chemistry, geometry, physics). Whatever you need, the CTD has a course format that can fit you!

    UCode Live Coding Classes

    UCode’s mission is to provide quality "live" coding education to children ages 8 to 18 at a cost that is affordable for any family. Students choose between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses that are offered monthly in topics such as Python, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. Start and stop any time! Beginners can take a six-week HTML/CSS course for free!

    Online Programs for Unique Interests


    LanguageBird is a flexible online language class that connects with middle and high school students with specialized teachers with one-on-one instruction. Offering 13 languages that are 100% live and able to meet the student’s schedule can’t be beat. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, LanguageBird is able to meet a range of needs and abilities so you can get the most out of your course.

    Wall Street Walks

    This class gives students a unique insight and understanding as to how the stock market works. Whether it’s the basics of Wall Street (like who are the big players), how to budget and manage your finances well into adulthood, or how to invest, students will learn about finances and how to manage them to best prepare them for the future.

    Point Park University: Online Community Classes

    Looking to cultivate your love of dance and the arts? Point Park University offers online classes in pre-professional dance, whether it’s jazz or musical theater, as well as classes on podcasting (and other unique subjects). Looking for a private lesson? Point Park University also offers private lessons that are designed to help you develop your vision and passions during these unique times.

    Looking For More Online Classes and Opportunities?

    These are just some of our favorite online learning opportunities for the winter and spring. TeenLife has many more online opportunities that are available in the fall, winter, spring, summer, and all year around! Be sure to check them out and find what is right for you or your teen!

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