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    One Skill Every Student Should Learn This Summer

    Posted May 20, 2024, 12:43 pm by The Experts at TeenLife
    computer programming

    In today's globalized world, traditional education may overlook a crucial new (but important) skill set: coding. While students delve into the intricacies of 19th-century British literature, the fundamental language of computers — the language that powers the information age — remains a mystery to many.

    Imagine a world where accessing information is lightning-fast and efficient, thanks to the magic of code. Coding allows us to build the websites and apps we rely on daily, analyze data to solve complex problems, and even create cutting-edge technologies. By equipping students with coding skills, we empower them to become not just consumers but creators in this digital age.

    Ask an average student what the differences are between two common programming languages — say, Python and Java — and your efforts may be rewarded with a bewildered “Why are you comparing snakes with coffee beans?”

    The Need: Program or Be Programmed

    The truth is that in our Digital Age, whoever holds the key to programming ends up building the way the rest of us lives. Computer programming is still regarded as an arcane subject, and it should not be this way. Few skills are more important or open more doors than a solid education in coding.

    We use computers in our schools, offices, homes, and yet most of us have barely scratched the surface of what technology can accomplish. Today, many of us have not tried to understand the code of the device they use or how it runs: instead, they accept the most basic functions of the diverse technologies they have access to.

    Learning programming allows students to comprehend programming logic, structure, and design. It allows them to become an active participant instead of the bystander. A student who takes the time to learn CSS and HTML can code his or her own website. That website can, in turn, serve as a useful tool: perhaps as a gateway to entrepreneurship opportunities or a safe haven to explore and share creativity. The creator decides.

    Programming is important to learn, not only because of the skill set it provides, but also because understanding the fundamentals of coding improves logical thinking. It allows students to explore one of the most basic and universal languages. It helps students gain insight into mining the potential of the numerous smartphones, tablets, and computers that fill their lives.

    The Learning Gap: Resources for Learning

    Douglas Rushkoff, author of Program or Be Programmed and advocate for programming education, advises students to start learning in small steps. A great resource for beginners is CodeAcademy, which provides programming courses in over seven languages — all free of charge. This crowd-sourced education company seeks to provide a fun to use coding course without the hassle.

    For students who are under-represented in STEM fields, you’re in luck. Many different institutions offer programs that seek to close the demographic gap. According to Labor Department reports, only one in five of software engineers are women. In response to this, companies and institutions are now launching initiatives that help aid minority groups in learning about tech.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers a Women in STEM program, while MIT funds the Minority Introduction To Engineering and Science program. The U.S. National Science Foundation also supports women and girls in STEM fields. Girls Who Code is another great resource.

    The push for stronger programming skills isn't just a fad; it's a growing trend with significant implications for the future workforce. Regardless of their academic pursuits, students today can benefit greatly from learning to code. Students can apply this valuable skill surprising ways, from building innovative mobile apps to crafting a resume that stands out in a tech-driven job market.

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