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    Loyola Marymount University: Samantha Small

    Posted November 24, 2018, 9:00 pm by TeenLife
    Loyola Marymount University: Samantha Small

    Samantha Small studied Beginning Screenwriting in the summer at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and is now a screenwriting major there.

    Why did you choose to participate in an overnight summer program?

    I thought I had an idea of what I wanted to do for a living but I wanted to be completely sure before applying to college. By participating in this program, I was able to confirm my passion for it and even ended up choosing it as my major! I really wanted to go away to an overnight program because it is great practice for college and I didn't live near any notable programs like the one at Loyola Marymount University.

    How did you decide which program or camp was right for you?

    I only looked at LMU and one other school that offered the major I was considering. By the time I found the other school’s program information, I had missed the application deadline. By then, it was an easy choice to make.


    What was a typical day in your summer program?

    My typical day was waking up, grabbing breakfast then heading to my morning class. After class was over, my friends and I would grab lunch before our afternoon sessions. When the afternoon class finished, we would rush back to our residence hall and do as much homework as we could, as fast as we could, so that our evenings would be free to hang out with friends. After dinner, we would hang out on LMU’s bluff playing guitar or even just watching the sunset. Once the sun went down a group of us would hang out in the lounge playing cards and getting to know one another.

    What was the most memorable moment of your summer?

    A lot of us were invested in one particular card game. One night we played for three or four hours. Despite having cut my hand multiple times, I was way too into the game to stop playing. For some reason, that was hilarious to us – we laughed so much that night. I also really enjoyed touring Warner Bros. Studios with my classmates. I had been before on my own, but going with my new friends made it even more memorable.

    What advice do you have for teens looking at summer programs or camps?

    I would recommend doing as many different summer programs as you can, for all your different interests. And don’t be afraid to try them at different schools too! Not only do they look awesome on a college application, but they also are the best way to get a feel of what type of college or university you like and what major you'd be happiest with.

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