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    Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts: Kathryn Fugazy, Acting Student Testimonial

    Posted September 2, 2020, 2:00 pm by TeenLife
    LIPA Acting Kathryn Fugazy

    Kathryn Fugazy
    Class of 2022
    Acting Major

    Why did you choose to attend this college?

    I had never thought of attending school abroad until I walked into the LIPA audition at the New York City Unifieds. The candour and general vibes of my auditioner and the open conversations I had with the alumni, who was able to fill me in on everything I needed to know, made me feel immediately comfortable. I went from wanting to study near my home in New York to wanting to spread my wings and head to the UK.

    How did you decide which college and program was right for you?

    Although I was lucky enough to be offered a place at many highly rated acting programs in the US and elsewhere, I knew I had to find out more about LIPA before I made a decision. Once I visited LIPA, got to walk around the building, with the different kinds of creative students and staff surrounding me, I told my parents that we could cancel all the other tours I had planned.

    I know it sounds cheesy, but I felt at home. Something told me that this was the place for me, especially after sitting in on some classes and spending a day with international students.

    What was a typical day like in your college experience?

    We are busy, busy students here at LIPA, but I wouldn’t change a thing. For my first year, my general schedule was a 9am class, a half hour break, an 11:30 class, followed by an hour break where I had time to walk back to my flat and have lunch with my flatmates. I then had one or two more classes in the day, with a fifteen minute break.

    By the time the day was over, I was ready to go home, take a shower, eat dinner, do a little work and hangout with my friends. Weekends are an opportunity to catch up with friends and keep up with my hobbies.

    What was the most memorable moment of your arts program?

    The best part of my first year was performing our scene study for our peers. We worked so hard in our groups to develop our creative process while also feeling firm in the scenes we were given. Following these performances, the entire class was extremely supportive and congratulatory of each other. We definitely had a good night out afterwards!

    What advice do you have for teens looking at arts colleges?

    Try to keep your horizons as broad as possible and not get stuck in a headspace of ‘I MUST do this and I MUST do that.’ If you told my past self at junior high school that I would end up studying in the UK, I would tell you you’re crazy.

    But I am unbelievably happy to be at LIPA, the community here is a true family and I wouldn’t want to spend my years in higher education anywhere else.

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