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    Leadership in Sports Is Vital for Teen Development

    Posted May 20, 2022, 10:00 am by City Football Leadership

    Leadership in Sports Recognized as Vital for Teen Development

    Immersing young minds, passions, and talents in the sports world is proven to help them feel more motivated, confident and able to succeed in many different avenues of life. Through learning about leadership through the metaphor of sports, teenagers work on crucial life skills such as communication, organization, conflict management and decisiveness. In fact, leadership in sports can be vital to teen development.

    Participation in sport is linked to higher grades, lower dropout rate, and reduced truancy. This manifests in some compelling statistics such as 95% of Fortune 500 executives participating in a sports program. Consequently the need and demand to support young adults at this time in their lives through vocational and non-academic programs and resources is being increasingly recognized.

    Develop Leadership in Sports Programs for Teens

    Close up shot of a soccer pitch

    This summer, a new program for teens brings a unique experience and introduction to sports, focusing on the ideas, experiences, and business of the sport world. The Next Gen program from the City Football Leadership Institute is offered in July 2022, starts with Manchester City, the championship soccer team, and the backdrop of the English Premier League and has curricula that explore the wider world of sport.  With one week in London and one week in Manchester, teens experience two of the most iconic cities in the UK and explore the cultural and commercial capital of England, London and the heartland of sport and music center, Manchester.

    The program is brought to you by BrandEd, the educators behind The School of The New York Times and Sotheby's Institute, in a new collaboration with one of the world’s most innovative and global sports businesses, City Football Group (CFG). CFG is the global enterprise and an innovative sport business behind ten high performing soccer teams around the globe including the championship soccer teams Manchester City, New York City, and other frontiers of the sport world like e-gaming.

    In this pre-college program, courses are led by academic educators alongside business and sport leaders ranging from Olympic athletes to business entrepreneurs. Each day focuses on a theme, delving into the psychology and business of sport, exploring innovations within esports or branding, and learning about the future of soccer (or football as it’s known outside of the U.S.), the most popular sport in the world. Students gain insider access to iconic settings in London and Manchester where sport has made history, and is changing the landscape of tomorrow.

    Designed for young adults who identify as sports enthusiasts, future entrepreneurs, young athletes, social justice advocates, eGamers and storytellers, City Football Leadership Institute aims to support students to understand their potential against the backdrop of the sports world. Next Gen has been specifically designed for teenagers. Focusing on insight, inspiration, and self-reflection, this unique pathway is key for personal development at this stage of life.

    Program Details

    A soccer player prepares to kick a ball at the goal leadership in sports

    The City Football Leadership Institute is now accepting applications for the first student intake in July 2022. Students must be 15 to 18 years old.

    Highlights of the Next Gen programme include:

    • Learning about how the spectator sport economy works, from e-sports to the English Premier League
    • Producing your own podcast, supported by leading sports journalists, or another personal project
    • Understanding the psychology that drives elite performance and other topics in the sports world
    • Visiting sporting landmarks in London and Manchester, including Manchester City’s home, Etihad Stadium

    “The City Football Leadership Institute is a new initiative that aims to share their enormous experience and knowledge with the next generation of sports and business leaders,"says Rachel Crossley Co-Director or the Next Gen program. "It was developed to help students comprehend the worlds of sport and issues that exist outside of the playing field, in boardrooms, and in society at large. We believe this is the way education will evolve in the future, with classroom learning being applied in real-world settings.

    She continues: "I have no doubt that it will be an experience of a lifetime, from the friends you meet to the learnings you’ll be able to apply to your ongoing education, career, and interest in sport. Next Gen will be a supportive peer network that lasts well beyond the two weeks.”

    For more information, please visit the City Football Leadership Institute website.

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