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    Laguna College of Art and Design Student Testimonial

    Posted April 13, 2020, 3:38 pm by TeenLife
    LCAD Testimonial

    I discovered my passion for art at a very young age. My parents say I was always drawing and sculpting with playdough when I was little, and that creative bug never left me, but I didn’t become serious about art as a career until my junior year of high school, when, after spending a semester sculpting a still-life, I fell in love with the process of creating and bringing images from my own mind to life.

    My favorite part of creating is a tie between two parts of the process: the moment when you finish a sketch and begin lining it, as I love seeing a nebulous idea become a finished concept, and the moment you get to add final details, because that’s when the satisfaction of having made something peaks.

    Although I love art, I do sometimes struggle with it, such as when I am faced with art block or when I make the mistake of comparing myself to others, which for me is the most difficult part of creating, the nagging feeling that someone out there is doing things better than you are. Fortunately, I am surrounded by wonderful, supportive people who help get me out of my own head, so I can better enjoy the process of what I do. I chose LCAD for the supportive artistic environment the school cultivates, as well as for its location and most importantly the curriculum’s emphasis on technical drawing skills, as I believe that a strong technical foundation is the key to becoming a successful artist. However, my favorite thing about the school are the people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made with them, connections I know I will have for the rest of my career.

    I believe LCAD has provided me the technical skills I’ll need to be a successful artist, as I’ve learned a great deal about anatomy and good design in my time here, and I hope to use those skills so that in 10 years I’ll be a successful character maquette artist, sculpting characters for animated films.

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