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    Is Nursing Right for Me? How to Know if Nursing is Your Calling

    Posted May 17, 2022, 10:00 am by Margo Renée
    A young nurse sits on the floor wondering if nursing is right for me

    Is Nursing Right for Me?

    Does that question sound familiar? For many teens who are still deciding what they want to do in college and beyond, something along those lines is probably on your mind quite a bit. In fact, if you find yourself asking "is nursing right for me" this blog is for you!

    Margo Renée, the author of this TeenLife guest blog, has been a professional nurse for over 5 years and is hoping to help students answer that question. Below, she discusses some simple you can take to find out whether or not nursing is your true calling.

    While it may not answer the question for you, we hope it can help point you in the right direction! Read on for Margo's advice and suggestions!

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    Is Nursing Your True Calling?

    Deciding on the career path that you want to follow can be daunting. At the very least, you want a career that you can do for a lifetime; something that you will love waking up to every single day. You probably have seen people who are stuck with something that they hate until it starts sucking life out of them. And you don’t want the same for yourself.

    One of the ways to escape that and lead a fulfilling career life is by following your true calling. It is good that you have a strong feeling that nursing is your true calling. However, it is a big decision to make and you need to be confident about it. So, how can you tell if nursing is really your true calling? Here are a few things to consider.

    Ask Yourself if you Have a Passion for It

    Does talking or thinking about nursing excite you? Do you talk about it to anyone who cares to listen? Is it something that you would do even without the paycheck? Are you eager to learn more about nursing? Do you feel deep inside that nursing is the right path to follow?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then you definitely have a passion for nursing. Moreover, this is a clear indication that nursing is right for you. Your passion will be the driving force to put in the effort, the time, and to go over and beyond to be the best nurse out there.

    Have you Seen Any Clues Along the Way?

    A nurse stands with a stethoscope

    When deciding on a career path, there are some telltale signs that drive a person towards a particular choice. This is not different for nursing. You have probably noticed some attributes in you that convince you that you are meant to be a nurse.

    You Love Helping People

    The work of a nurse involves a lot of helping patients. Check if helping people, especially the sick and the elderly has been something that moves you

    You Handle Unpleasant and Stressful Situations Well

    Nurses see patients and their families at their worst. Have you found yourself handling sick friends and relatives well, probably cleaning up pukes and other disgusting messes without gagging?

    You Like Making People Comfortable

    There are many situations where nurses are needed to make patients feel comfortable especially when scared or embarrassed about a procedure. Are you good at calming people down when they are stressed?

    Can You Handle It?

    A young nurse helps a geriatric patient

    In as much as nursing is a rewarding profession, it is not for the faint hearted. As said earlier, nurses face unpleasant situations every day. One minute they are handling patients’ anger and frustrations, the next they are cleaning up messes. Some patients even become violent and the nurses are expected to remain calm. You need to be someone who is patient enough to handle that.

    Additionally, nurses work for long hours and sometimes take shifts at odd hours. The work involved is also physically demanding. You have to be ready to experience physical and mental stress. Does that scare you away? If not, you just might be right about nursing being your calling.

    Do Your Due Diligence

    You might have an idea of what a career in nursing is about, but do you have the whole picture? It is important to do your research to find out more about what to expect. You can visit online resources to gather the information that you need.

    Osmosis with their Questions & Answers is a good platform where you can find answers to the questions that you might have about pursuing nursing. You can also consider volunteering in a setup that gives you firsthand experience in nursing. This can go a long way in helping you understand if it is something you would do for a lifetime.

    Ask For Advice

    A young male nurse with a mask wonders is nursing right for me

    You might have the conviction that nursing is for you, but hearing it from an expert stamp it. Consider talking to a career coach about it. He or she has the expertise to guide you into realizing whether nursing is your true calling.

    A career coach can also offer guidance on how to go about finding a good school or connecting you to other people in the nursing career. You can also find a mentor in the field to guide you through the whole journey.

    Is Nursing Right for Me: Conclusion

    It is one thing to have a feeling that you are called for a career in nursing, and it is another thing to be sure that it is really your true calling. Eliminating the doubt before embarking on the journey can save you from making a mistake. Moreover, considering the above things can help you in realizing nursing as your true calling.

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    Margo Renée

    Margo Renée

    Margo has been a nurse for over 5 years. She is happy to provide care to sick and injured people, making patients well and keeping them healthy are her goals. When she has free time, she Is writing articles on health and happy life. Solving a daily puzzle has been her hobby since the age of 10.