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    InnerPathWorks: Jake Bagley

    Posted January 9, 2018, 10:00 pm by TeenLife
    InnerPathWorks: Jake Bagley

    Jake Bagley worked with Randy Russell at InnerPathWorks during his gap year.

    Why did you choose to train with InnerPathWorks?

    I chose to train with Randy Russell at InnerPathWorks because I was at a point in my life where I needed direction and Randy's program ended up being exactly what I needed. I later came to realize it was a perfect example of Coyote teaching.

    How did you research and decide which gap program was right for you?

    Randy's program was recommended to me by a good friend of Randy's. After speaking with Randy and reviewing the preliminary paperwork and questionnaire, I was even more convinced that this program was going to be a good fit for me. The experience I had with Randy definitely wasn’t what I had expected. I was very happy about that because with him, I learned things every day.

    What did you do on your experience there?

    Most days we started the day off making a gratitude fire and spending about an hour in meditation. I cannot tell you how much I miss our mornings. Learning about different wildlife and their habits, or simply talking about what was on our minds, there is really no better way to start the day. From there we would study some teachings Randy had or work on Kamana, which I still find myself using today. I must say, compared to the "normal person" my awareness is near the higher end of the spectrum. I find myself asking people about small details of scenery or human behavior and usually they have no recollection or just did not notice.

    Would you encourage other students to take part in this type of program?

    If you are not quite sure where your life is headed or where you want it to head, working with Randy is a great place to be. I have found that life can be very loud and distracting and even if you are very convinced your are on the right path, sometimes all you need to do is just be quiet and listen. I know Coyote teaching to be an indirect teaching method. It is possible to find yourself thinking you're learning one thing, then a couple days, or maybe weeks, can go by before you truly understand the meaning and application of the lesson you were taught. Even today, I still find myself in "a-ha" moments from the lessons I learned with Randy. There is no doubt in my mind, I would highly recommend his program to anyone who's looking for a path.

    How will your training affect the rest of your life in college and after college?

    I will use my training with Randy in the career I have chosen, no question. I feel as though I have a more centered, and firm belief in where I am headed. I still take time to listen. I look forward to hearing about the students Randy works with because I know his program saved me.

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