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    How to Help Your Teen With Financial Balance

    How to Help Your Teen With Financial Balance

    Posted November 30, 2021, 12:00 pm by Lauren Mistretta

    Help Your Kids With Their Financial Balance

    Growing up, it was all about putting money into that piggy bank, often with no real plan. Now as an adult, you realize your financial plan needs to be about balancing the competing demands in your life: what you earn, what you spend and what you save.

    For kids, that balancing act can feel impossible. Because as you know, kids want it all. They want stuff. They want to go places. They want to make money. They want to save. They want independence.

    As a parent, you want things too. To set your kids up to succeed. To empower them to make their own (informed) decisions. And, you know, to make sure they don’t go into debt. 

    Wouldn’t it be great if your kids turned out to be even better at managing money than you are? 

    How do you begin to solve for all of this? What if there was a way to set your kids up for financial success without making it a full-time job?

    Time for Till 

    Till is a free app and debit card that helps kids manage their money. But it’s more than that. It’s a platform for kids and parents to have better conversations about money, so kids can be set up for financial success. 

    The idea behind Till? It’s about helping your kids learn financial independence through spending. That’s right. Spending. If you give your kids the skills to master it, they’ll be truly set up for success. After all, spending is pretty much how the world works. So instead of looking at spending as a problem with your kids, what if you looked at it as the solution?

    With Till, your kids “practice” their spending with the everyday things they want in life. Just like anything else, practice makes progress. And the earlier they start, the greater the chances they’ll be able to master it. Makes sense, right? But that’s just the beginning. Till has features and functionality that create that all-important balance we all strive for.

    Till Adds Up to Success


    • Till puts more spending power in your kids’ hands
    • Kids can make more of their own spending decisions 
    • Till provides a choice to use a virtual or physical debit card
    • No fees: Kids aren’t weighed down by penalties for simply using their money


    • Kids get to prove they can make responsible spending decisions
    • The app shows kids and parents spending history and progress towards goals
    • Conversations between parents and kids about money become more frequent and collaborative


    • Cash is easy to lose: Till helps kids literally keep track of their money with a one-tap option to freeze the card if it gets lost
    • Parents can instantly give kids money, whether it’s for an allowance, work they’ve done, or frankly if they’re in a bind (we’re all human after all!)
    • Since you can automate allowance and chore payments, it’s one less thing for you to remember
    • Any paychecks your kids earn can get be directly deposited into their account, allowing them to view their money in one place

    Managing money isn’t easy, even for adults. But with Till, you can give your kids the opportunity to master their money and truly make it work for them. And in the meantime, Till can make your relationship with your kids and money feel so much more balanced.

    To learn more about Till and to get started, download the app HERE.

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    Lauren Mistretta

    Lauren Mistretta

    Lauren Mistretta is head of brand at Till Financial.

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