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    Five Smart Reasons to Plan Your Summer Now

    Posted February 25, 2014, 4:00 pm by Katherine Dayton
    Five Smart Reasons to Plan Your Summer Now

    For high school and middle school students who haven’t decided what to do this summer, right now is not too soon to ponder possibilities. Whether you have a clear idea of a summer travel program in the U.S. or abroad, only an inkling, or no idea whatsoever but know you want to do something, a good tactic is to consciously plant the seed now. Keep it on your radar while options are open and you have the time to investigate summer programs.

    There is an old adage: “What you give is what you get.” The time you take now to consider and explore options for the summer ahead will pay off in the long run, in spades.

    5 Reasons to Plan Your Summer Now

    1. You’re only going to get busier in the new year’s semester.

    You have time now to browse websites, call summer organizations, go to camp fairs; time to talk to friends about their past summer experiences.

    2. The early bird gets the worm.

    If you start exploring now and find something that intrigues you—maybe even feels like “the thing you want to do”, there probably are still openings in the program. Contact the company, express your interest and ask for references from past program participants and their parents who can give you the straight scoop about their experience.

    3. You can make travel plans while airfares are relatively low.

    4. You can start daydreaming about your summer.

    Read about the program that you have chosen, the place, country and/or culture where you may be in a few months. Maybe, you’ll get your friends excited about choosing a similar experience.

    5. The winter holidays inspire gift giving.

    You might want to suggest to family members to give a gift that you will use for your summer experience. Loved ones want to provide a gift they know you will appreciate or need, whether clothing, equipment, or monetary.

    A final note.

    Consider Trip Cancellation Insurance for your summer program should something unexpected happen before departure that precludes you from participating. Most companies require a modest deposit to hold your place before full payment of tuition due mid-to-late spring.

    Also, the earlier you make a firm decision, the more potential for your family to arrange a monthly payment plan. Most companies will accommodate payment plans for participants, especially for early applicants.

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    Katherine  Dayton

    Katherine Dayton

    Katherine Dayton is Executive Director of VISIONS Service Adventures. For twenty-five years, VISIONS has run summer community service for teens and middle school students in international and domestic locations.