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    Fintech Startups: 10 Companies To Watch

    Posted August 26, 2022, 10:00 am by TeenLife
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    10 Fintech Startups to Watch

    Business, finance and marketing positions are changing every day. Industries across the globe are growing faster than ever before, and as sectors of the economy continue to globalize and adopt new technologies, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. This is especially true when it comes to fintech startups.  

    While older corporations are often able to embrace change and stay relevant, there is always the risk of being replaced or surpassed by new companies. Hundreds of startups — all looking to change, better or disrupt their respective industries – are formed every year, and a few of these eventually break through and become a household name, erupting onto the scene and changing their industry forever. 

    Below are 10 different fintech startups in the business, finance, sales or marketing sectors that we think are worth keeping an eye on. Who knows, you may end up working for one of these companies some day! Or perhaps you’ll start your own company and change the face of business as we know it. Either way we hope that these startups on the forefront of the corporate world spark your imagination and get you excited about your future in business! 

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    1. Acrolinx

    Acrolinx uses artificial intelligence to help companies like Google, Facebook and IBM create content that’s scalable and on-band. Using complex artificial intelligence systems, Acrolinx has unique language tools that read all the content on a brand’s website or platform and then can then give real-time feedback on how to improve that content and make it more effective. 

    2. Commonbond

    Commonbond is one of many fintech startups that helps students manage and understand their loans. Working with students from their first day of college all the way through their post-graduate refinianicing, Commonbond offers transparent and understandable solutions to users of all kinds. Commonbond also covers educational costs of children in the developing world through their partnership with Pencils of Promise. 

    3. Databricks

    Databricks uses data science, data engineering, data analytics and fully-staffed business teams to help companies capture, use and understand their data. The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2013 and has seen an absolutely explosive amount of growth in the last 5 years. It is one of the leading data analytics startups in the world. 

    Two employees of fintech startups work on computer

    4. Gimi

    With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Gimi is a company that aims to teach young people how to track, save and spend their money. The company was founded in 2014. Parents can use the app to pay children for their chores and then teach them how to manage that pocket money efficiently. 

    5. Linkfire

    If you’ve ever pre-saved a new song from a link in your favorite artist’s Instagram, you may have encountered Linkfire before. Founded in 2014, Linkfire aims to streamline and revolutionize the business of music promotion and helps artists of all sizes connect with their fans across a number of apps and platforms. 

    6. Suplari

    Suplari is a Seattle-based fintech startup that combines machine learning and finance. Using AI, algorithms and other machine learning methods to help users manage their money, Supalri primarily offers businesses a way to analyze trends and understand where money is being wasted or spent inefficiently. Some of their clients include Wayfair, Nordstrom and Spending Tree. 

    Employees of Fintech Startups work together

    7. Rocket Money

    This Washington D.C. startup is saving customers money by keeping them informed of their spending. One of their most popular features is the ability to display you all the different subscriptions that you’re paying – even ones you didn’t know you signed up for – and helping you cancel ones you don’t need or want. 

    8. Solidus Labs

    Solidus Labs is New York-based that helps prevent fraud on digital exchanges and cryptocurrency trading apps. They also provide services to government agencies, automatically marking any suspicious activity. Solidus Labs has an estimated $5 million in annual revenue. 

    9. Venmo

    One of the most successful fintech startups on this list, Venmo is a financial application that allows users to quickly and easily send money. Venmo can be used to split bills, pay rent and even make purchases at businesses, and with the ability to quickly and easily transfer your money to a bank account, it is one of the best options for quickly paying friends and family. 

    10. Zencity

    Zencity was founded in 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel. By linking resident data to their local government, the platform provides a civic engagement platform that enables governments and law enforcement agencies to better manage their city and country with data-driven analytics. More than 150 cities and countries around the world use Zencity’s data solutions. 

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