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    Explore Your Love of Physics with these STEM Programs

    Posted April 27, 2017, 2:24 pm by Nicolaus Jannasch

    Do you like understanding how and why rockets work? Do you love the challenge of solving a complicated engineering problem? Are you curious about the underlying laws of the universe?

    If you find all of these activities fun and you’re able to wrap your mind around complicated questions, then you might want to put your knowledge of physics to use as an adult. Here are a few career paths to consider and possibly to try out in a teen summer program.

    1. Civil Engineer

    Do you care about your local town? You could be a leader helping to revitalize the downtown area, build homes for new residents, or repair and revamp old, worn-out roads. Or, This could be a chance to build something really big like a bridge or a beautiful building. And civil engineering can be a hands-on job so you’ll have opportunities to get out of the office.

    The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree and you’ll likely need a graduate degree or other certifications to be a leader in the industry. Want to know what civil engineering is like? Check out Camp Florida Tech at Florida Institute of Technology or other summer engineering programs.

    2. A Career In The Green Tech Industry

    The world is changing fast. Fossil fuels and coal aren’t sustainable in the long-term. You can help by applying your love of physics to the transition to alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric.

    This may prove to be one of the most satisfying careers over the next few decades since you might have the opportunity to really help save the world. Want to learn about new options for power, try Generation Tech, a summer camp focused on green energy held at Texas Tech University.

    3. Aerospace Engineer

    Do you enjoy creating model planes, flying RC helicopters, or launching backyard rockets? As an aerospace engineer, this could be your career. You’ll help design aircraft, spacecraft, rockets and satellites.

    You’ll be challenged on a regular basis, unlocking complex mathematical solutions that keep planes flying in the air and astronauts alive in space. You might even be able to work on important national defense projects that require a special security clearance. If you’re into rocketry, check out Science Camps of America’s Air and Space Camp. You’ll learn about weather, rocketry and get to spend part of your summer in Hawaii!

    So why study physics?

    Following your passion in physics will allow you to literally build the future, improve our quality of life, solve our largest worldwide problems, and even help us reach into space. To discover more programs, explore TeenLife’s Guide to STEM Programs for ideas.

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    Nicolaus Jannasch

    Nicolaus Jannasch

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