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    10 Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

    Posted June 15, 2022, 10:00 am by Gerene Keesler

    Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

    If you are a student looking for schools with strong academic support for anyone with learning challenges, here is a list of ten excellent colleges for students with learning disabilities or differences. Landmark College as well as Beacon are solely focused on students with special learning needs, though all of the schools on the list are perfect colleges for students with learning disabilities.

    1. Whittier College

    Students are partnered with an Academic Coach. Key skills like time management, organization, and finding out their unique learning style. Students have the opportunity to attend Academic Success workshops, and work with either their Academic Coach or Student-Athlete Peer Mentor. All is geared for the student to feel supported in their academic journey.

    Whittier is highly regarded. It also has a feature I didn't see in many other places: assisting graduating students’ transition out of Whittier College with the use of a Career Counselor and Career Toolbox.

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    2. University of the Redlands

    Support for students offered at the University of the Redlands include help in the following areas:

    • Time management
    • Note-taking skills
    • Test-taking skills
    • Writing

    Students may meet in groups or individually. Additionally, students are enrolled in a College Success Strategies Course teaching time management, test and note-taking skills, how to improve your memory and reading and how to set personal goals for your success.

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    3. Landmark College

    Landmark College in Vermont is one of the best colleges for students with learning disabilities, and their curriculum is wholly focussed on supporting teens with learning differences. What makes Landmark unique is a focused and holistic approach to students with learning and operational differences, especially in their popular Bridge Semester. Executive function support is woven all aspects of the curriculum and community into the Residence Halls where EF training continues. Classes are small ranging from eight to sixteen students with the goal of students learning personal learning strategies.

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    4. Drexel University

    One most well known colleges for students with learning disabilities, the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute is the first research organization built around a public health science approach to understanding and addressing the challenges of autism spectrum disorders. The Autism Institute's mission is to discover, develop, promote and disseminate population-level and community-based approaches that will prevent autism-associated morbidity and disability and improve the quality of life for individuals with autism of all ages.

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    5. Elon University

    Students here can set up an account in a portal called “Accommodate.” Documentation of your disabilities will then be uploaded by you, the student into the system. In order to receive accommodations, you must provide documentation demonstrating that you have an impairment or condition that substantially limits functioning in one or more major life activities.

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    6. Mercyhurst

    Mercyhurst has an Autism Initiative called AIM. This is a separate application from admission to the university. The program was founded due to a vast number of students applying worldwide who are on the autism spectrum. Mercyhurst is considered one of the primary resources in autism support in the US and is one of the best colleges for students with learning disabilities. Peer mentoring programming, assessment meetings and structured social opportunities are just a few of the many services the AIM program offers.  Mercyhurst offers a wide array of degrees ranging from bachelor's to master.

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    7. Daemen

    The College Autism Transition Support (CATS) program at Daemen offers life skills coaching and other transition support to matriculated students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They focus on 7 core elements – Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, Information Literacy, Communication Skills, Affective Awareness, Moral and Ethical Discernment, Contextual Integration, and Civic Responsibility.

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    8. Hofstra

    Hofstra’s program for special needs students is called PALS, or Program for Academic Learning Skills. It helps students with learning disabilities or attention deficits by pairing them up with a learning specialist, who will aid them throughout their college careers. Individual plans are created for each participant, moulded to his or her unique needs, and they work with their specialist for 90 minutes each week. In addition, the school offers study skills workshops and online programs to help students develop skills that will serve them better.

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    9. Misericordia

    One of the best resources for special needs students at Misericordia is the Alternative Learners Project (ALP). It aims to provide comprehensive on-campus support to students with learning disabilities, serving more than 60 each year. In their first year, LD pupils will take part in the BRIDGE Program to better adapt to campus life. After that, they will get help with a variety of learning strategies and work with a professional to develop an individual accommodation program. The program offers many other forms of support, and while it does come with a fee, it may be more than worth it for many students.

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    10. American U

    American offers students tutoring services, academic coaching, and academic support in the student-athlete program. Learners will work one-on-one with their learning coach.  Building proactive daily habits, building study habits and time management resources are new skills that are taught. American is known for its Learning Services Program. Both the LSP and the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) have earned a national reputation by providing stellar service to students with learning disabilities.

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    These are only ten of many schools that provide support services for students who need accommodations and additional support. Whether its a school dedicated to students who learn different, or a robust disability services program at a well-established university, the possibilities when it comes to colleges for students with learning disabilities are endless.

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    Gerene Keesler

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