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    College Student Finds ‘Aha Moment’ in Arts and Entertainment Industries Management Program

    Posted April 24, 2020, 6:52 pm by TeenLife
    Terence (TJ) Rumer, Rider University

    Terence (TJ) Rumer

    Rider University: Westminster College of the Arts

    My time in high school and the beginning of college was spent acting and leading the arts in my small hometown in New Jersey. Some of my favorite memories were when I was a part of a new performance or organization, or when I would mentor younger artists as they were figuring out how they could develop their craft.

    As my years of performing on the stage and in front of the screen came to a close, I had to sit back and take stock of what aspects of the arts I was truly finding passion in. At Rider University, I discovered the perfect outlet for my love of facilitating the creative industries: Arts and Entertainment Industries Management.

    My eyes were opened up to the possibility of all the work that needs to be done before a movie hits the theaters, or a play gets casted; there are so many creative decisions that need to be made-and the entertainment industry is in need of trained people to help make those very decisions!

    I finally found the first page in my next chapter of life, I like to call it my 'AHA' moment. As I've managed project after project, I have discovered that my passion for this industry has only grown. My love of media has become a large part of my education. I've included a legal studies minor in my education plan, to further understand how these industries function legally. I am in love with the idea of working in entertainment law one day, helping young producers make movies or merging the interests of two artists into a collaborative contract. I want to make a difference—a very real, tangible impact on the entertainment world by understanding its systems-legal and otherwise.

    Artists, creatives and all the people connected to them need a partner in the ring that is able to help them understand how to thrive. I feel my dedication and willingness to work hard will propel me through law school and eventually into a career as an entertainment attorney. The best part is that with all these passions I have, I have the ability to work in so many key areas of the arts thanks to Rider University’s Arts and Entertainment Industries Management program.

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