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    Business or Biology: Pros and Cons of Technical and Non-Technical Degrees

    Posted October 3, 2014, 3:00 pm by Nicolaus Jannasch
    business degree or biology degree

    Teens entering college have lots of questions. One of the largest is the question of which major they should pursue.

    Is a technical degree based in physics, biology, or math a promising way to differentiate yourself? Would a business degree leave you with more valuable connections once you are out in the real world?

    Below some pros and cons that can help you with making the decision: Technical or non-technical?

    A science degree teaches you about work ethic.

    Especially in the early years of college, science classes are simply more challenging than business classes. You will need more advanced math skills, and textbooks are scales of magnitude more dense than their business school equivalents.

    You will need to study longer, work harder, and be able to say ‘no’ to many of the exciting opportunities college has to offer. This will be extremely frustrating at times, and you will need to love the subject you choose to study if you want to succeed.

    The benefit is that you will be able to work harder than your business school counterparts. Employers understand that earning a science degree shows a certain level of dedication not necessary in business classes.

    Don’t underestimate the power of real fascination and passion for a certain scientific field. Some of the most influential businessmen and women today started out in science and then applied their vast knowledge for business purposes. It is much easier to begin with a technical background and then apply those skills in business than it is to bring business skills into highly technical settings.

    A business degree teaches you interpersonal and group skills.

    Learning to work in groups is extremely important. Collaboration with others is necessary for success in any job. Knowing this, business classes often require group projects in the syllabus, ensuring ample time to learn these valuable skills.

    In more technical fields of study group projects can be entirely ignored. Science classes rarely involve group work and short of raising your hand to answer questions, minimal human interaction is encouraged or required.

    It’s easy to take ‘soft’, interpersonal skills for granted, but they are extremely important. Without them, an otherwise intelligent individual has a large chance of being an ineffective member of his or her workplace environment.

    The final decision is up to you.

    Choosing any degree will have both pros and cons. A science degree will show a stronger commitment and work ethic. A business degree will leave you agile with the skills you need to work effectively with others.

    When making the final decision, you really need to choose what interests you!

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    Nicolaus Jannasch

    Nicolaus Jannasch

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