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    Boston Conservatory’s High School Intensives: Shelbie Rassler

    Posted December 20, 2017, 6:00 pm by TeenLife
    Boston Conservatory's High School Intensives: Shelbie Rassler

    Shelbie Rassler participated in Boston Conservatory’s High School Composition Intensive.

    What made your experience with HSCI so enjoyable?

    I very much enjoyed my HSCI experience. My work with the faculty at Boston Conservatory was instrumental in developing my compositional voice. In addition, I was able to study and share ideas with fellow high school students from around the world.

    What skills did HSCI help you build or strengthen?

    HSCI helped me strengthen my music composition, music theory, and ear-training skills. I was also challenged to write music faster than I ever had before, which is something I now find extremely valuable while majoring in composition.

    How did the faculty influence your HSCI experience?

    Working with the Boston Conservatory composition faculty was an incredible experience. They worked with us one-on-one and in class settings to help each of us develop our own compositional voices.

    How did this program influence you as an artist?

    HSCI helped me strengthen my theory skills, build my composition portfolio, and gave me the confidence to apply to a composition degree program.

    Can you describe a favorite memory from your HSCI experience?

    My favorite memory from HSCI was having the opportunity to work with the Worcester Chamber Music Society in the rehearsals leading up to the final performance of the intensive. Working with professional musicians allowed me to hear my music live and make immediate changes throughout the entire process, an experience that is rare as a composer.

    How would you describe this program to a friend who is considering applying?

    HSCI is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your skills in various areas of music and have your original compositions performed by professional musicians. During the intensive, each student composes four new works that are all workshopped and performed by incredible musicians, something that is unique for high school programs.

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