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    5 Ways (or More) You Can Still Make Your Summer Rock

    Posted July 31, 2015, 12:00 pm by The Experts at TeenLife
    5 ways teens can rock their summer

    Summer – some days it rocks and some days, well, it just seems to go on forever. So maybe this isn’t exactly the summer of your dreams. Maybe that beach romance isn’t going to happen or your job stinks or your baseball team is at the bottom of the league. No worries. There’s still time to save your summer, to turn it around and use the time wisely and proactively – or at least to have one adventure to brag about when school starts. Here are some ideas to start.

    1. Learn to really cook.

    You don’t want to be stuck eating ramen and canned ravioli when you finally leave home. You can learn from online chefs, find recipes on Pinterest, check out new recipe books at the library or take a course on how to cook something outside your comfort zone – homemade ramen anyone? You can even learn to cook almost anything in a mug – perfect for practicing dorm living.

    2. Plan your own “The Amazing Race.”

    The TV show is a sort of grown-up scavenger hunt. So entice some friends, form teams, create a list of tasks, and see who finishes first. Get those competitive juices flowing; just keep it safe, affordable and respectful of privacy and property.

    3. Check out a college.

    Summer is the perfect time to set up college tours, especially if you have time on weekdays. Touring now will make life easier once school starts and your weekends get crazy. If you have no clue where you want to go, just start close to home and sign up for a tour. It will give you an idea of what questions to ask and maybe answer some basic questions such as urban or rural?

    4. Instagram your summer.

    If your summer is less than you imagined, look at it through a different lens. Learn digital photography skills beyond point and click. Lots of apps offer tutorials and techniques, and you might find a passion in a less-than-ideal summer.

    5. Go camping.

    So what if you’ve never been or don’t have the equipment? Local outdoor stores have rentals and plenty of advice to get you and some friends into the wild. Most also offer group day or overnight camping and hiking tours; kayak or paddleboard adventures; and bike trips. Or, they can connect you with an organization such as the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) that does.

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