Wellesley's Pre-College Exploratory Workshops are recommended for young women from all over the US who are entering 9th throught 12th grade. Choose ONE topic of interest in a non-credit, one-week workshop designed to give you a quick taste of college life. There are two Leadership courses to choose from. 

LEADERSHIP Courses to choose from include:

American Feminism

We're constantly hearing about feminism these days. Some think it's essential for modern life; others see it leading to the downfall of almost everything good. This course offers an introduction to feminism: what is it, what does it want, and how does it go about reaching its goals. We're going to focus on American feminism as it's developed by a variety of women: Non-White and White, LGBTQ+ and heterosexual, Liberal and Conservative, to name a few. 

Leadership for Young Women - Forging Your Path

There’s no better place to discover your voice, your strengths and who you are as a leader than at Wellesley.  In this workshop, we’ll begin by taking a look at successful women leaders and role models throughout history to better understand leadership and some of the barriers women have faced. Then we will explore many different types of leadership behaviors such as relationship building, teamwork, empathy, resilience, self-expression, navigating conflict, communication styles, learning from mistakes and more. During the week, you will participate in a variety of self-assessments, and fun yet thoughtful activities designed to help identify interests and strengths. You will learn a lot about yourself and your impact on those around you. You’ll leave with a visual representation of your pathway and some great insights about yourself as a present and future leader.

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