Pre-College Summer Focus

Designed for students who seek a non-credit yet intellectually stimulating summer. For rising 10th-12th graders.


Investigate a subject that excites you or discover a new one in our two-week residential academic spotlight designed to give you a taste of the undergraduate experience.

Courses are non-credit and include writing, leadership, math, science, gender studies and the arts. Each course is designed to expand your academic horizons through lectures, discussions, individual and group work, project-based assignments and field trips. As part of the program all students will have a chance to hear from Wellesley Admissions staff.


- Leadership (ie, A Modern Girl's Guide to the F-Word: Feminism for the 21st Century)

- Arts & Humanities (ie, Flip it and Reverse it: An Introduction to Drawing and Printmaking, La Dolce Vita: A Taste of Italy, Philosophy of Friendship, What’s Beneath the Surface: Engaging the World as a Scholar)

- Social Sciences (ie, Life in the Big City: Understanding the Urban Experience)

- STEM (ie, Circuit Creations: Designing and Programming Electronic Devices, Defending Your Data with Mathematics, Getting to E=MC^2: Space, time and Einstein's revolution, Modern Astronomy: Scanning the Solar System)


- Leadership (ie, Leading Yourself into the Future: Building Your Personal Brand)

- Arts & Humanities (ie, Alternative Forms of Protests: The Impact of Art on Politics, Design and Technology for the Stage & Screen, Flash Fiction and Travel Writing: Mastering the Short Form, Let's Think in Spanish (immersion)

- STEM (ie, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and the Future of Energy; Girl Code: Gender and Identity in the Programming World; The House (and Senate) Always Wins: Mathematics in Voting and Politics) 

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