Wellesley's one week Pre-College Exploratory Workshops are recommended for domestic high school women entering 9th to 12th grade. Explore one topic of interest in a non-credit, workshop-style course designed to give you a quick taste of college life.

Course choices include writing, leadership, math, science, gender studies and the arts. In your chosen workshop, you’ll attend lectures alongside a small group of motivated young women, gaining exposure to a specific area of academic interest.

Along with your classes, you'll live in the dorms and develop friendships with students from around the country. A variety of group social activities are planned to introduce you to Wellesley College and campus life. Exploratory Workshops are open to both commuter and residential students. 


Leadership: American Feminism OR Leadership for Young Women: Forging Your Own Path

STEM: Cryptography: The Mathematics of Secret Writing, Introduction to Astronomy, Climate Change and the Paths to a Sustainable Future, OR Political Musical Chairs: The Mathematics of Gerrymandering

Arts & Humanities: Exploring Children's Literature, Introduction to Digital Photography, OR Putting Words in Your Mouth: Writing about Food and Culture

Social Sciences: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology OR My So-Called Online Life: The Impact of Technology on our Social Lives

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