Wellesley Pre-College Exploratory Workshops: Arts & Humanities Courses

Wellesley, MA
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These one-week Exploratory Workshops at Wellesley are designed for young women entering or currently in high school to get a sneak peek at life on a college campus and the feel of an academic class. They are recommended for students from all over the US who are looking for their first experience away from home. 

Workshops will meet from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Monday - Thursday. Students can only take one workshop. In your chosen workshop, you'll attend lectures alongside a small group of motivated young women, gaining exposure to a specific area of academic interest.

The Arts & Humanities Workshop choices include:

Exploring Children's Literature

This workshop will introduce students to young children’s literature and its importance to the development of language and pre-literacy skills. We will explore classic children’s books, the importance to young children of seeing themselves in the books they read, and contemporary examples of children’s books that provide positive images and stories for all children. Students will discuss assigned readings in the morning half of the workshop, and analyze selected children’s books. In the afternoon, students will have hands-on relevant experiences to put their morning work to use including visiting a local bookshop, the town library and an early childhood program. Students will also present group projects. Assigned readings will be required for class discussion.

Introduction to Digital Photography

This intensive weeklong workshop will provide students with an introduction to the fundamentals of photography. Technical skills such as camera use, composition, lighting, developing, and printing will be learned through demonstrations and assignments. Conceptual, aesthetic, and critical skills essential to understanding photography's broader role in contemporary art and society will be learned through, readings, discussions, lectures, and critiques.

Putting Words in Your Mouth: Writing about Food and Culture

This workshop starts with the premise that food is an essential ingredient in the making of selves, families, communities, regions, and nations. We will explore the ways that we celebrate food traditions, create new habits and tastes, and also respond to food problems (e.g. food scarcity and safety, climate change and land use, and the complex networks of food producers, servers, and consumers). Our readings will draw from a variety of different fields and perspectives, including literature, history, anthropology, and environmental studies, as well as various genres of food writing - the personal essay, the recipe, and scholarly essays on the intersections between food and culture. Our course materials will provide an introduction into the emergent and growing interdisciplinary field of “Food Studies” and will help us see food as inextricably connected to our economic, political, and social structures.

Students are encouraged to engage in regular group social activities on-campus and in the dorms. All planned activity fees are covered in the cost of the program. Students will also have free time while on campus where they are encouraged to explore all that Wellesley has to offer.

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