Wellesley College invites rising high-school sophomore, junior, and senior girls with a passion for STEM to join us this summer at The Wellesley Pre-College STEM Exploratory Workshops. 


Week One STEM Workshop: July 27 - August 2, 2019.

Week Two STEM Workshops: August 4 - August 11, 2019.


According to 2011 data published the United States’ Department of Commerce, women are “vastly underrepresented” in science, technology, and math jobs, despite filling almost half of the jobs in the US Economy. At Wellesley, we strive to empower women to break glass ceilings, which is why we offer 2 one-week exploratory workshops for high-school girls looking to explore STEM fields, challenging themselves both personally and academically.

One Wellesley Summer offers the following Week One STEM Workshops:

  • Introduction to Abnormal Psychology: This workshop will provide an introduction to the topic of abnormal psychology. Specifically, we will first discuss how to diagnose mental illness, including ethical considerations, and then we will cover several different categories of mental disorder (e.g., neurodevelopment disorders such as autism and attention deficit disorder, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, personality disorders), with an emphasis on diagnosis and intervention (prevention and treatment).
  • Math and Politics:  In this workshop, we will look at the mathematics behind these and related questions that arise in politics. We will touch upon topics such as fairness, voting paradoxes, social choice, game theory, apportionment, and data interpretation. The goal of the workshop will be to illustrate the importance of rigorous reasoning in various political processes while providing a fun introduction to some fascinating mathematics.
  • Society, Environment, & Paths to a Sustainable Future: This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to environmental studies, with a focus on a climate change. Major concepts that will be examined include: the state of scientific research, the role of science, politics, and economics in environmental decisionmaking, and the importance of history, ethics and justice in approaching environmental issues. 

One Wellesley Summer also offers the following Week Two STEM Workshops:

  • Exploring the Cosmos: Introductory Astronomy: where students will gain an overview of the Universe through the lens of the physical principles that help us to probe it from Earth. 
  • The Mathematics of Infinity: where students will attempt to present the modern take on how to make sense of the notion of infinity through an inquiry-based learning approach, using definitions and theorems. 
  • Mathematics of Gerrymandering: The topic of gerrymandering (constructing district boundaries in order to give one party an advantage over another) has been the subject of recent litigation in a number of states. This workshop will provide an overview of some of the mathematical ideas that can be brought to bear on this important problem.
  • Engineering Design Adventure, where students, using the Arduino kit, will learn a bit about the engineering design process, programming, creativity, and teamwork.  
  • Furniture Fabrication: CNC Machine & Steam Bending: In this one-week workshop, students will create a chair based on Danish Modern ascetics involving steam bending and danish cording for the seat.   Professor Reid will share his extensive knowledge of design processes, ergonomics, engineering, and construction. Techniques covered include, CNC routing, CAD, Danish Cording, and steam bending.

To learn more about these workshops, please visit: http://www.wellesley.edu/summer/summerprograms/exploratory/programdetails.


In participating in an Exploratory Workshop, students become members of the Wellesley community. For both of our one-week programs, students reside in a historical, residential dorm, with access to Wellesley dining and amenities. Unlike many other pre-college programs, Wellesley College offers the invaluable opportunity to experience a small, all women, liberal arts environment while building leadership skills beyond the classroom. Out of all the features of Wellesley’s Exploratory Workshops, participants usually reflect on the empowerment they feel during their summers at Wellesley. One participant noted: "I feel so empowered being at a place where I am valued."


Wellesley College has been recognized for the excellence of its education, the beauty of its setting, and the uniqueness of its campus culture. Above all, Wellesley is known for the thousands of accomplished, thoughtful women it has sent out into the world—women who are committed to making a difference.

Applications for Wellesley’s Exploratory Workshops are now OPEN until June 14, 2019. To learn more about Wellesley College and its Pre-College Exploratory Summer Workshops, please visit http://www.wellesley.edu/summer/summerprograms/exploratory.

For more information about the other academic summer programs Wellesley College offers, please visit: https://summer.wellesley.edu/

Cost and Session Information

Week One STEM Workshop: July 27 - August 2, 2019.

Week Two STEM Workshop: August 4 - August 11, 2019.

Cost of per workshop is $1,850.00 including tuition, room and board, and activities.

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