Think like a political scientist and learn how to analyze an election that the whole world will be watching.

With 2020 on the horizon and campaigns kicking into high gear, there is no election that will be as closely monitored as the November 2020 United States presidential race. In this course, students will be immersed in contemporary American politics, developing their critical thinking skills in order to understand and analyze by-the-minute developments in the national election.

Students will learn about the challenges of reporting — as it relates to the candidates’ campaigns, personalities and policy proposals — as well as the changing nature of media coverage itself. Topics covered may include: ethics, journalistic integrity, citizen activism, campaign marketing techniques, law, campaign finance and debating strategies. Throughout the term, students will analyze the election on personal and societal levels, pushing themselves to go beyond passive consumers and become active thinkers, producing work that considers the election and its implications for themselves and the world.

Course Highlights

Summer Academy enables students to dive deep into a course of study, sharpening skills for their academic and professional futures. Each course is carefully designed to suit student interests and encourage intellectual curiosity.

• Students will develop the ability to articulate opinions, projections and analyses about the landscape of the 2020 election and its campaigns.

• Students will be introduced to the important controversies and policy debates around the 2020 election.

• Students will meet professionals who create media coverage on or are involved with the national election.

• This is a new course. Possible site visits include: The Capitol, The Russell Senate Office Building, The Pentagon and local journalism schools. Students may have the opportunity to visit The New York Times Washington Bureau.

• This is a new course. Possible speakers include: Emily Cochrane (Congressional Reporter, The New York Times), Katie Rogers (White House Reporter, The New York Times), Tom Kaplan (Campaign Reporter, The New York Times) and Gabe Muller (Editorial Associate, The Atlantic).

Please note: All information is subject to change at the discretion of The School of The New York Times.

Cost and Session Information

Day Program: $5,225*
Residential Program: $5,825*

Dates: July 5 - July 17

Location: Washington, DC

*Listed program costs do not include course-specific lab and materials fees. Learn more on our website.

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