Expand your view of journalism through an investigation of non-traditional news sources and essential, yet under-represented, voices in political reporting.

In this course, students will examine the political reporting landscape and explore non-traditional reporters, news outlets and reporting methods that have emerged to fill in the gap left by traditional news sources – all with an eye toward the United States national election in November 2020.

Throughout the course, students will expand their understanding of political reporting, its purpose, the communities it does or does not reflect and/or serve and the possibilities for change. Students will read work from prominent writers of diverse backgrounds and engage in discussions with journalists involved in advancing traditionally underrepresented groups, as well as participate in class trips to prominent museums and newsrooms. In this way, students will gain a better sense of the challenges that these groups face and the role newsrooms play in bringing key political topics to the public’s attention.

Course Highlights

Summer Academy enables students to dive deep into a course of study, sharpening skills for their academic and professional futures. Each course is carefully designed to suit student interests and encourage intellectual curiosity.

• With a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, the course will dive into the fundamentals of political reporting and gain an understanding of both sides: those being reported about and those doing the reporting.

• Students will analyze the current media landscape, identify issues pertaining to covering traditionally under-represented communities and examine the possibilities for change in the future of political journalism.

• Students will hone their journalistic skills through their own investigations and interviews, producing a news piece on a relevant political topic.

• This is a new course. Possible site visits include: National Newspaper Publishers Association, National Museum of African American History & Culture, The Washington Post and The Washington Blade. Students may have the opportunity to visit The New York Times Washington Bureau.

• This is a new course. Possible speakers include: Carolina Moreno (Professor, New York University and former Huffington Post Latino Voices Editor), Michael Eric Dyson (Professor, Georgetown) and Richard Lui (Anchor, MSNBC).

Please note: All information is subject to change at the discretion of The School of The New York Times.

Cost and Session Information

Day Program: $5,225*
Residential Program: $5,825*

Dates: July 19 - July 31

Location: Washington, DC

*Listed program costs do not include course-specific lab and materials fees. Learn more on our website.

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