Scientific methods are radically changing the landscape of the criminal justice system worldwide. The six-week Forensic Science pre-college program at Syracuse University provides an introduction to the science behind crime scene and evidence analysis.

Those participating in this intriguing summer program for high school students become part of an actual forensic crime scene team that will gather forensic evidence from a simulated crime scene.

Emphasis is placed upon understanding the science behind the techniques used in evaluating forensic evidence.

Topics included: blood analysis, organic and inorganic evidence analysis, microscopic investigations, hair analysis, DNA, forensic psychology, drug chemistry and toxicology, fiber comparisons, paints, glass compositions and fragmentation, fingerprints, soil comparisons, and arson investigations, among others.

Class lectures and guest speakers provide the scientific background in forensic science. A variety of hands-on laboratory exercises enhance the student’s understanding of this science in an up-close and personal way.

Students are enrolled in two courses:  CHE 113 Forensic Science (4 credits) and FSC 200 Forensic Science Laboratory (2 credits).

All programs and courses at Syracuse University Summer College are college-level and led by Syracuse University faculty and instructors. The Forensic Science program runs from June 30 through August 10. Field trips and activities on campus give students the opportunity to relax, have fun, and make new friends.

Residential students stay in a university residence hall and eat in a university dining hall. Students also have access to all of Syracuse University’s facilities, which include the library, recreation centers, and student centers. Room and board are included in the overnight summer program costs.

Be sure to check out our website for a full list of program options, more information and application deadlines!

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