At Summerfuel UNC, we help you prepare for the important transition from high school to college and give you the freedom to explore your interests and form a summer community of learning and independence. Our summer pre-college program combines academics, activities, and athletics for an authentic taste of college life.

 Since 1984, Summerfuel have been offering the best, most comprehensive student adventures, and know what students want from their summers today. The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is the perfect location to preview college life. UNC has a reputation for excellent academics and is also known for its sports teams and amazing school spirit. Our high school summer program combines dynamic seminars with the excitement of life on campus and the opportunity to experience life as a Tar Heel. One of the many advantages of the UNC campus is its central location in the town of Chapel Hill. Students have full access to downtown and Franklin Street, the historic center of Carolina social life in this ultimate college town. The historic district is full of cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as many T-Shirt stores so you can wear your Carolina gear with pride!

SEMINAR STRUCTURE: Students select one seminar concentration that forms their morning major course and afternoon elective course. Morning seminars meet five times per week, and afternoon seminars meet three or four times weekly. Courses are seminar style with an emphasis on participation and engagement. Although course content is designed to challenge and provoke, homework is limited to ensure that students make the most of their experience at UNC. Course size ranges from eight to sixteen students per class. 

SEMINAR Offerings: 

Business and Entrepreneurship: In this seminar, students will learn about starting and managing a small business, from an independent bookstore to a financial consulting firm. They will study the basics of business management, but will also consider how 21st century tools like Facebook, Twitter and Crowd Funding can help a start-up achieve enduring success. There will be a special glimpse into the field of sport management and career opportunities in the sport industry. Explore business principles and how they apply to administration, communication, motivation, and leadership style. By the end of the program, students will have developed plans to start their own small business using 21st century resources.

International Law: This interactive seminar is designed to spark debate and understanding about the law and society and role and importance of international law. How does the law shape relationships between nations and effect foreign policy? And how does it govern relations between non-state actors? Students address Public and Private International Law, and consider how International Law affects business, Human Rights, the prosecution of international crimes, sovereignty, trade, and war. The course culminates in a moot war crimes trial where debate and critical thinking skills are put to the test.

Medical Science: This interdisciplinary seminar provides students with knowledge of various body systems including the endocrine system, the biology of mind, the microbial system and immune responses. We cover topics in biotechnology to provide an overview of current and future technologies that make up the medical sciences and research field. Students will meet with industry scientists to learn how basic research can generate biomedical tools and discover the latest research coming out of UNC Chapel Hill. Through guest lectures, lab tours and field trips, students will be exposed to research in a variety of topics including, Neuroscience, Engineering, Biotechnology, Integrated Physiology and Biomaterials. Students learn to think critically about current research, identify sources, analyze data and design their own experiments. Innovations and current issues in medical science will be incorporated in discussions.

Psychology: This hands-on seminar examines behavior through the psychological theories of Freud, Skinner, Maslow, Erikson and Piaget. Critically consider the validity of these theories in light of your own experiences of intellectual and moral development, sensuality, family and peer relationships, and coping with stress and problems in daily life. View films and read relevant articles that provide an applied understanding of developmental psychology. Students investigate a wide range of psychological topics, including dreams, memory, consciousness, anxiety, body language, gender, and sexuality. Students delve deeper to uncover the history of the subject, study case histories, learn about various mental disorders, and different research methodologies. Students complete the course by designing their own experiments under the guidance of research specialists and their psychology instructor.

STEM – Maker Technology and Innovation: This seminar challenges you to get creative and use tech to build and explore. Combine technology, engineering and design, for a truly hands on seminar. Work in teams in our very own Maker Space and learn the fundamentals of programming, circuitry, 3D design and 3D printing in a lively, project-driven environment. Team up and create something completely new: a robot, a kinetic art installation, a piece of interactive clothing, or a computerized vehicle. Use TinkerCad to create masterpieces of 3D printing as you are lead through a series of design challenges testing the limits of 3D technologies as you create your own design. Use your imagination to design, build, test, and interact with your latest creations. Get ready to create this summer.

Take the learning beyond the classroom with these hands-on, immersive workshops. Explore something new, or hone an existing passion while working closely with your peers and Summerfuel team members. Workshops meet five afternoons per session. 

Cost and Session Information

Session 1: June 28 - July 11, 2020
Session 2: July 12 - July 25, 2020
Both Sessions: June 28 - July 25, 2020

One Session: $4,295
Both Sessions: $8,295

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