Pura Vida! - Adventure through dense rainforests, around volcanoes, and up the beautiful sandy coasts in one of the most welcoming cultures in the world. 15 programs to choose from!

Immaculate rainforests, stunning volcanoes, and friendly Ticos first brought Rustic Pathways to Costa Rica in 2003. Today we offer fifteen diverse adventure service programs across the entire country that include language immersion homestay in the mountain town of Turrialba, learning to surf on the Pacific Coast, working with an indigenous tribe on the Carribean coast, playing daily competitive soccer against local teams, and exploring the jungle in Corcovado National Park. 

Experience the warmth and laid-back vibe of tico culture in the beaches, towns, and jungles of Costa Rica. Contribute to sea turtle conservation efforts, immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the Bribri, hone your Spanish skills through immersive homestays, or get adventurous and explore the jungle and zip line through the rainforest.

Introduction to Community Service in Costa Rica -- one week of service and adventure at our Volcano & Rainforest base. Help with various educational and infrastructural service projects and zipline, whitewater raft, and visit hotsprings and local communities in your free time.

Bribri Indigenous Culture and Service-- live and provide valuable service to local villages in the Talamanca Mountain Range by working in small-scale development projects while immersing yourself in Bri Bri culture. In your free time, spend the day on a beach and learn how to surf!

Carribean Adrenaline -- a week-long program jam-packed full of pure adventure and adrenaline along the Carribean coast. You'll spend your time whitewater rafting, kayacking, ziplinging, bungee jumping, and surfing on the coast. It's all adventure on this trip!

Costa Rican Adventurer -- a two-week version of our Carribean Adrenaline program that covers the entirety of this breathtaking country. Covers all the Carribean Adrenaline activities and adds on a whitewater rafting trip, waterfall rapelling, a catamaran tour, and more! If Carribean Adrenaline didn't seem like enough, then this might be the trip for you!

Heart of the Jungle -- a two-week backroads adventure service program that ventures into the incredible biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula. Combine camping, adrenaline pumping activities, and rainforest exploration with valuable infrastructural service to remote local communties.

Nicoya Turtle Expedition -- learn about turtle conservation while relaxing on the pristine pacific beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. You can spend time on the beach while keeping it clean and protecting the lives of native sea turtles

Ramp Up Your Spanish! -- This program is the perfect way to improve your Spanish skills before any of our other Latin American adventures. Attend four hours of class instruction each day taught by native Spanish speakers and then head out to take advantage of the action-packed adventures in and around Turrialba.

Spanish Language Immersion -- a two-week (or longer) version of Ramp Up Your Spanish in Turrialba. Take your language study to the next level!

Summer Camp Leadership in Costa Rica -- the only exclusively children-based community service program in CR. Earn 70 community service hours over the course of two weeks working as a summer camp counselor for local children, and go on optional adventure excursions in your free time from camp - including an overnight beach trip to a private island to end the trip.

Surf and Service -- one week of surfing and infrastructural service in the Pacific beach town of Bahia Ballena. Live in a great base house and adventure in your free time! 

Surf and Service Spring Break -- spend your spring break with one week of surfing and doing infrastructure service in the Pacific beach town of Bahia Ballena. Live in a great base house and adventure in your free time! 

Traveling Soccer and Service Team -- combine service and soccer on a whole new level! On this trip, you'll be able to travel, work, and play your heart out to effect positive change through sports!

Turtle Conservation Project -- live for a week in an actual park ranger station on a private, protected beach in a wildlife refuge as you work to save endangered sea turtles. Be sure to surf and zipline through the rainforest in between service days.

Young Explorers Pura Vida! -- a two-week adventure service program exclusively for middle schoolers across the entire country. This program combines educational and infrastructural service with adventure activities like whitewater rafting, surfing, ziplining, and rainforest exploration.

Youth Empowerment Project -- During this week-long program, partner with an organization dedicated to providing access to sustainable income to youth with Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities through vocational skills development.  After participating in service, explore the lush ecological diversity of Costa Rica with a hike through Juan Castro Blanco National Park and a heart-racing zipline adventure through the rainforest canopy.

For more information about our programs in Costa Rica, visit http://rusticpathways.com/programs/countries/costa-rica/

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