Projects Abroad : Marine Conservation Volunteering In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand


The main aim of this project is to protect and rehabilitate Thailand’s coral reefs, marine eco-systems and tropical forests, whilst helping keep the indigenous fish, animals and birds that live there from becoming endangered.

The Krabi Province has some of the oldest remaining mangrove and lowland forests in the whole if Thailand. Coral reefs and mangrove forests are part of the same eco-system. Many of the creatures essential to the coral reef start their life-cycles in mangrove swamps. The continued deforestation of the mangroves and the lowland forests in this area leads to landslides, run off into the ocean, flooding, water shortages and has an effect on tourism and the economy. Soil erosion from widespread land clearing can send tons of silt downstream. Sediment clouds the water, blocking sunlight, and settles on reefs, suffocating the organisms and destroying the eco-system.

Projects Abroad undertakes important practical and scientific work on the coral reefs, tropical forests and removes harmful rubbish from the coastline - minimising human impact on both the marine and coastal environments.

Our conservation and survey methods are designed in line with international environmental organisations’ systems and standards. Our data is entered into several online database systems which are used across the world by experts in these fields. Projects Abroad and our partners are working towards the same goals. These include collecting vital data on the health of the reef, marine and coastal areas, educating the public about the value of marine ecosystems and the current crisis affecting marine life and other indigenous species. We also aim to create a global network of volunteer teams trained in Reef Check's scientific methods who will regularly monitor and report on reef health worldwide.

Mangrove and lowland forests are disappearing more quickly than inland tropical rainforests and, so far, with little public notice. Healthy forests are key to a healthy marine ecology. We work to monitor and replant forests in the Krabi Province to prevent further destruction and assist with on-going reforestation work.

The project’s rubbish and debris collection and recycling initiatives are conducted in line with Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris Survey and the UNESCO funded Ocean Conservancy Beach Debris Survey.

In the long term, we hope our work will produce ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions. We want to stimulate local community action to protect the remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs and tropical coastal forests worldwide.

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