Project Endeavor English Language Training at the University of California-Los Angeles gives students the opportunity to live and learn on the campus of a world renowned university.

The students will participate in English classes each morning during the weekdays and will choose one of five activity programs in the afternoons: our Tourist Program, Business Program, University Program, Outdoor Program, or Film Program. During the weekends students participate in included full-day excursions on Saturday and exciting activities on Sunday.

Los Angeles is nestled beautifully along the Southern California coastline – the best of all possible settings for the ultimate experience! Southern California is famous for its warm sandy beaches and bustling cities of Malibu, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills! Dynamic, culturally diverse and breathtakingly beautiful, Los Angeles combines the finest the California coast has to offer. Rest easy, because Project Endeavor understands the importance of being comfortable in your home away from home.

We provide our students with private accommodations in residence halls and homestay options that offer the comforts you expect with the safety and security you demand. You’ll have full access to premier health and recreational facilities at UCLA and meals that won’t leave you hungry for home cooking. We pride ourselves on the fact that our residential amenities, top-quality food service and fitness facilities offer Project Endeavor students the very best. Our goal is to consistently create an environment where you’ll be able to concentrate on getting the most out of your experience in LA – staying relaxed, refreshed and ready to excel.

Project Endeavor has always been committed to absolute safety for every student. We maintain a ten-to-one student-to-staff ratio – one of the lowest in the industry – to ensure everyone gets the unmatched attention and unique personalized programs they deserve. Our luxury residence features a front desk staffed 24 hours a day with trained personnel for your comfort and convenience. As part of our commitment to student safety, Project Endeavor staff members live on every student-occupied floor, accompany students on all activities and excursions, and are always equipped with cellphones.

Students participate in Morning Courses Monday-Friday. Are you afraid of studying in the United States because you don’t trust your English skills? This course will improve your English skills as a certified teacher helps you along. Semi-private classes are designed to help you, no matter what your level of English proficiency. This course will help you develop skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, and oral and written communication.

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