Spend your summer in the big city diving into topics that come to life before your eyes. Using China as context, you can examine career mobility and entrepreneurship, the role of Shanghai in modern day China, or Chinese governance over the years. You'll also have the opportunity to study conversational Chinese.

As a historically international city, Shanghai offers unparalleled opportunities for exploring diverse interests. Learn about the impacts of colonialism on Shanghai’s development. Understand the role that China plays in the global political sphere. Or dig into the changing nature of work in the Chinese economy. No matter what you choose to study, your classes emphasize hands-on learning in a one of the world’s most important global cities.


NEW! Summer 2020 Virtual Intensive Language and Culture Program

Graduating seniors and gap students are eligible to join CET's college-level intensive language program for Chinese. 

Take your language learning beyond an app on your phone. Connect in live, online classrooms with passionate teachers in Beijing and a couple of like-minded peers to study both language and culture. Your classes maintain an intensive pace while your curriculum is rich with cultural content. Not only will you make tremendous strides in your Chinese, you’ll also learn how best to study—setting you up for continued language learning success in the long run.

Program Features:

12-15 hours per week of live, synchronous sessions with CET's veteran language instructors in China

Asynchronous coursework and assignments in CET's Canvas platform

Opportunities for cultural immersion through peer-to-peer interaction with language partners and virtual activities that place you in the local culture

Earn 9 credits in the target language and receive a transcript from the University of Minnesota, CET's school of record.


High School/Pre-College Summer Program

Summer 2020 Update: 

All 2020 CET summer programs abroad have been cancelled due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. We share in the disappointment of our students and their families who were looking forward to a summer of challenge, exploration, and new experiences. We hope you’ll keep your curiosity of the world alive during this unprecedented pause in international travel. Consider joining us next summer to strengthen your language skills or explore a new subject from a global perspective.


Your core course focuses on studying China through a particular lens, while your conversational Chinese class gives you a crash course in the language you need for daily life in Shanghai.

Select one of these as your 3-credit core course:

Shanghai: Past and Present

This course covers: the history of 19th and 20th century Shanghai; Shanghai’s evolution from cotton capital to the center of Chinese urban modernity; and the social, political, and cultural factors that have shaped Shanghai. You examine the forces that shaped its history, such as commercialism, colonialism, revolution, and nationalism. Field classes at significant historical sights and exhibits show the centrality of Shanghai to Chinese modernity, both past and present.

Governing China

This course covers China’s rising political influence in the world. It allows you to survey Chinese politics in its revolutionary periods throughout history and learn how China is governed today. Reviewing international media coverage helps you analyze the complexities and challenges of understanding Chinese politics.

Work, Occupations, and Entrepreneurship in a Global Context

This course is a sociological examination of how the nature of work, including occupations and entrepreneurship, shapes career aspirations, lifestyles, and professional development paths. Class discussions explore why and how occupational opportunities are socially constructed by factors such as race, gender, class, religion, and age. Theory meets practice through class interaction with local entrepreneurs and professionals.

All students take this course and are placed in the appropriate level:

Conversational Chinese - 15 hours. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels available. Taught in Chinese.

This course provides a basic introduction to Mandarin Chinese and is more of a “Survival Chinese” course. It is not expected to replace any level of college-level Chinese—rather it is meant to give you a taste of the language and support you in your daily life in Shanghai. Class sessions stick to the basics, but also include some vocabulary words that are relevant to your core course.


Day Trips and Activities

There’s no better place to start exploring China than Shanghai. Enjoy the perks of living in a city that is both cosmopolitan and culturally rich—plenty of modern amenities, diverse communities, and a history worth exploring. Take a stroll in the French Concession to see where East meets West. Get a peek into Shanghai’s modern art scene with a guided tour by a local artist. Learn the art of meditation during a visit to Longhua Temple. From learning about Chinese innovation to taking a cooking class or even just bonding with classmates at a good karaoke session, there’s something for everyone in Shanghai.


Housing & Meals

Your classrooms and dorms are centrally located at Donghua University, a public university in downtown Shanghai where CET also hosts college study abroad programs. Restaurants, shops, banks, public transportation, and other amenities are all within walking distance of the campus. You share a bedroom and private bathroom with other CET students and a group leader or resident advisor also lives on your floor. You eat most meals at the on-campus cafeteria and local restaurants—try to work your way through all of the cafeteria stall options by the end of your summer.

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