NYC Guitar School: Rock 'N' Roll Boot Camp

New York, NY


Learn to play guitar in only two weeks! In only two weeks you will know the basics of playing guitar! It will take a lot of work, but you'll be in a small group with lots of positive coaching, surrounded by music and musicians. You WILL learn the basics of guitar playing!

If you like to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band , you'll love how exciting and achievable learning to play a real guitar can be! During this intensive two-week program, you'll rock out with others under the patient and expert guidance of an experienced instructor. You'll learn the basics of chords, strumming, and reading tablature in the context of carefully selected riffs and songs such as Smoke On the Water, Satisfaction, Seven Nation Army, Bad to the Bone, Wild Thing, Crossroads, I Wanna Be Sedated, Rock This Town and more. You'll also visit a working guitar repair shop, learn to listen to music like a professional musician, check out the advanced rock bands (and be inspired!), and attend a songwriting workshop.

At the end of your boot camp, your group will perform a song in the Summer Rock Band Show! Of course, your friends and family are invited to see your rock star moment, and well videotape your show and post it on YouTube, too, so that you can share it with all your friends.

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Participant Reviews

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