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Lyon, France
Contact: (651) 315-7880


Take part in our summer camps! Learn a language, have fun and practice your favorite sports! You will practice sports in a friendly spirit and relaxed atmosphere and improve your language skills through language classes and activities during the entire summer camps.

The summer camp offers language courses in small classes of 12 to 15, 2 or 3 levels. Average of 15 hours language tuition per week. Lessons are delivered by qualified teachers, native speakers of the language taught. Languages are French, English, Spanish and German. During the summer camp, emphasis is set on oral language practice though students will also have a full exposure to grammar and written language. Groups and courses may be arranged differently; please check each program description.

Multisports, sports or multiactivity summer camps. A large range of outdoor activities is offered during sports camps. In some summer camps, participants may choose to practice only one sport intensively. Some summer camps focus on cultural discovery.

Summer camp in France, Germany, Spain, England, and the USA.  

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Participant Reviews

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