The Middlebury Interactive Languages Academy in Salamanca, Spain is an immersive, four-week summer language program for rising 9th—12th grade graduated students with at least one year of Spanish study (rising 9th grade students must have at least of two years of Spanish language study).

Summer 2020 Dates

Salamanca, Spain (Homestay): July 5, 2020—July 31, 2020
​Departure from US: July 4, 2020

High School Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain

Does your child dream about traveling to Spain and exploring the rich and vibrant country first-hand? Our Summer Language Academy for teens can take them there!

High school students will have the opportunity to live immersed in the Spanish language and culture of Salamanca during a unique four-week homestay experience in the summer.

Students will accelerate their Spanish language skills while living with a host family and studying in Salamanca. Students will have the opportunity to become intimately familiar with a city so ancient that its history predates the Roman Empire. The Old Quarter of the city contains stunning palaces and churches first constructed hundreds of years ago. In Salamanca students will discover new ways of thinking and make connections with new people in a new culture.

Language Immersion During a Study Abroad Experience

At the Academy's summer study abroad location in Salamanca, students live immersed in language and culture, surrounded by like-minded peers and supportive mentors. Students take the Language Pledge®, a formal commitment to speak solely in Spanish for the duration of the program.

Language immersion is challenging, but it’s also worth it. In four weeks, students will make unrivaled strides in their language skills and come away with increased confidence, independence, and experience to set students apart in the college admissions process.

So much more than just a summer camp, the Academy is a unique residential language experience based on Middlebury College's famed Language Schools with 100 years of immersion language teaching.

Note: This is a homestay program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this or any other aspect of the Spanish Academy.

The life benefits of language proficiency are extensive. #takethelanguagepledge

Cost and Session Information

Pay In Full Deadlines:

Tier 1: 12/20/2019—$6,995
Tier 2: 4/3/2020—$7,495
Tier 3: 5/1/2020—$7,995

Cost covers the full cost of instruction, activities, field trips, food, lodging and shuttle service to and from local airports.

For all locations, a $395 deposit is due with your application. Paying this fee does not guarantee admission to the program. If a student is not accepted into the program, the deposit will be refunded.

Please visit our website for more information.

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Participant Reviews

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