Marquette University Summer Pre-College - Volleyball - Girls

Milwaukee, WI


The Marquette University volleyball camps will be conducted by the Marquette University volleyball coaching staff, athletes, as well as other coaches from across the country.

Marquette University volleyball camps will place a premium on learning and applying the skills of volleyball. Our staff will teach, demonstrate, and provide important feedback to help athletes improve in all aspects of the game. We will use a combination of individual skill development, multi-contact drills, and competitive sessions to apply the learned skills.

Camps include: 

Youth Day Camp

This day camp is designed for girls and boys grades 3-8 that are eager to learn and develop all of the fundamental skills involved in volleyball. Basic game strategy will also be taught to help build confidence in competitive play. Camp will be held daily from 9:00am – 3:30pm. Lunch will be provided each day and each camper will also receive a camp t-shirt.

College-Prep Camp (Open to Grades Entering 8-12)

This Resident/Commuter camp is designed for experienced athletes who want to train in a competitive, collegiate training environment. Camp will begin with a series of skill and physical tests. Athletes will be placed on teams based on their test results in order to maximize the learning of each individual within the camp. Intermediate and advanced technique and strategy will be emphasized through drills and competition. Resident campers will receive lodging on Tuesday and Wednesday and all meals beginning with dinner on Tuesday through lunch on Thursday. Commuter campers will receive dinner on Tuesday, lunch and dinner on Wednesday, and lunch on Thursday. All campers will also receive a camp t-shirt.

Positional Day Camps (Open to Grades Entering 6-12)

These day camps are designed for athletes that want to focus on position specific skill development. Athletes will be placed into focus groups based on ability to maximize the learning of each individual. The main emphasis of this camp will be on individual development of techniques, strategy, and match management within the position. There will also be several opportunities to apply what is learned through multi-skill drills and competition. Positional camps include: Setting Camp, Attacking Camp, Libero Camp.

Team Camp

This camp is designed for girls varsity and junior varsity teams that want to learn through training and competing together as a team. This is a fantastic way to help get your team ready for the upcoming fall season! A coach will be assigned to your team and will plan training sessions to address each team’s specific needs. The team will also have daily competitions to work on applying the skills and strategies learned during training sessions. Our staff will also provide opportunities for team building throughout the camp. The final day of camp will consist of a camp tournament! Each team must have a minimum of 8 athletes to participate in the camp. Please note that each individual team member must register for camp through this site. There is an area on the registration page to identify which team you play for. Please make sure you indicate Varsity or JV. If you are unsure, please ask your school coach. 

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