Landmark College's Intensive Workshop for Success in College, held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, is for college-bound recent high school graduates and current college students who struggle in the classroom.

This five-day program brings Landmark College's nearly 35-year track record of success to the West Coast.

The Intensive Workshop for Success in College is for students who have difficulty recalling information for a test, even after hours of study; organizing thoughts and putting them clearly into a written paper; focusing on reading and retaining written information; managing time and materials; and starting or finishing a task.

In this focused workshop, students will explore what science shows us about what we can do to improve our attention, memory, and motivation. They will discover specific strategies and technologies that can support skills in note taking, reading, writing, memory, and organization as a successful college student. And they will build an individualized toolkit of reading, writing, studying, and organizational skills to begin fall classes with the tools needed to succeed.

This is not a residential program; however, some on-campus housing is available.

Cost and Session Information

DATES: July 29 through August 3, 2019 COST: $2,000 (includes tuition); additional $200 for students choosing to reside on campus

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