Many high school students struggle with applying basic executive function (EF) skills - focus, organization, planning, initiation of tasks, and self-monitoring - to their life and academic studies. This program helps students develop those critical skills.

Landmark College - the first college designed for students with learning and attention challenges - and Johnson & Wales University's Denver campus partner to provide a two-week program for rising high school juniors and seniors to strengthen their study skills in preparation for college.


Introduces students to Landmark College's pioneering teaching models, such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Helps students strengthen their writing process, understand their learning strengths and challenges, integrate academic strategies and practices, and develop better habits for academic success through their classes: Learning Strategies and Building Confidence for Writers 

Enables students to explore career interests through the choice of an additional course selection from Johnson & Wales' culinary arts or sports management offerings

Afternoon recreational activities and weekend excursions balance the program and allow students to learn to navigate independently in a variety of non-academic settings


This unique, two-day workshop provides parents with a better understanding of how to address their student's specific needs regarding college readiness and the importance of balancing commitments, self-advocacy, and organization in the transition to college. By participating, parents can reinforce the summer session's strategies and supports.

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