KE offers novel, exciting and stimulating programs to students who like to be challenged intellectually and creatively. They’re specially designed for students considering their options for study abroad, university or college – whether in an English-speaking country, or elsewhere.

The programs

  • Offered in the UK (July), the USA (July), the USA with Canada (July-August), Australia or New Zealand (mainly January, mainly for groups)
  • Run for two weeks or three weeks during university vacations
  • Generally multi-centre

Each programme has a number of different courses (one per week) and special features unique to KE.

Details of our dates and fees for 2018 are available here. To encourage early enrolments, we’re offering a 5% discount on all fees received by February 1, 2018.

The courses

  • Last for one week as part of a two-week or three-week program
  • 16 hours of classroom tuition, plus homework/project work
  • Small classes – maximum: 15 students, usually far fewer

Week 1 course (the order in which the courses are taken may vary)

‘Skills for Learning’– choose one of these, dependent on your interest and level of English

Week 2 course

Specialist subject – choose one of these:

Week 3 course (3-week programmes)

Leadership Training and Development

The special features – included on every program

  • Preparation for university entrance – an overview of the national education system, with practice in drafting personal statements and attending interviews
  • Study visits – visits to famous cities, with a choice between visiting a top university and a place of cultural interest, followed by general sightseeing (each visit is preceded by a seminar about the places you’ll be seeing)
  • Student mentors – carefully selected students from the universities visited introduce you to life there
  • Tutorials – weekly meetings in a small group
  • News reviews – a 30-minute look at the daily news
  • Special meals, with dining & etiquette – formal dinner (UK/USA), afternoon tea (UK), preceded by a seminar on ‘dining and etiquette’
  • Local sports and pastimes – e.g. cricket, croquet, punting, baseball, golf
  • Presentations – student presentations at the end of each program

Study centers

With KE, you have the opportunity to live and study on the campuses of some of the leading universities in the English-speaking world, including:

UK: Durham, St. Andrews, and Cambridge. Visits to London, York and Edinburgh.

USA: University of Massachusetts, Santa Clara University. Visits to New York, Boston and San Francisco.

Canada: Toronto and Calgary, and with a 3-to-4-day tours in Montreal or Vancouver.

Australia: Queensland, Melbourne. Shorter stays in Sydney and Canberra.

New Zealand: Visit all eight universities, and see the country from north to south.

Cost and Session Information

KE Programmes - 2018

(All fees are quoted and payable in local currency)

United Kingdom

UK1  Monday, July 2-Monday, July 16; Cambridge & Durham: (GBP)£3,150

UK2  Monday, July 9-Monday, July 30; Cambridge, St. Andrews & Durham: (GBP)£4,250

UK3  Monday, July 16-Monday, July 30; Durham & Cambridge: (GBP)£3,150

UK4  Monday, July 16-Monday, July 30; Cambridge & St. Andrews: (GBP)£3,150

United States

US1  Monday, July 9-Monday, July 23; East Coast (University of Massachusetts):(USD)$4,350

US2  Monday, July 9-Monday, July 30; 2 weeks East & 1 week West: (USD)$6,350

US3  Monday, July 16-Monday, July 30; West Coast (Santa Clara University): (USD)$4,350


CA1  Monday, July 23-Thursday, August 2: East (University of Toronto, plus tour): (CAD)$3,350

CA2  Monday, July 23-Thursday, August 12; East & West – complete programme:(CAD)$6,650

CA3  Monday, August 2-Thursday, August 12; West (University of Calgary, plus tour):(CAD)$3,350

USA and Canada   Combine the two! Various combinations are possible (e.g., one week or two weeks in the USA, then a Canadian programme). Simply add the fees together: one week in the USA: USD$ 2,175


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Participant Reviews

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