Kettering University: Lives Improve Through Engineering Program (LITE)

Flint, MI


LITE is a two-week residential program created by Kettering University to introduce 11th grade girls to what engineers do and how they significantly improve people’s lives by applying math, science and technology to human problems.

At Kettering University's Lives Improve Through Engineering Program (LITE), you'll see how they help prevent injuries by designing products like air bags and baby car seats and testing them with crash test dummies. You’ll learn how they repair joints, limbs and organs by making replacements that are functional and durable.

You'll learn about how the design choices that engineers make when producing products have important impacts on the worker's who build them, the consumers who buy them, and the environment we all live in. And, you’ll find out how engineers help solve crimes by combining science and technology. By the end of the program, you'll know how you can make a difference in the real world through engineering.

Program highlights include:

Classes and labs taught by Kettering faculty in exciting subjects: biomechanics, engineering for a sustainable society, vehicle collision analysis and occupant protection, and biochemistry. Field trips to places where participants will see firsthand what engineers do. Opportunities to make lots of new friends from throughout the United States who love math and science as much as you do.

Chances to meet and hang out with Kettering students, including a fabulous group of upper-class women who will mentor participants throughout the program.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Female students who will have completed 11th grade by a certain date (check program website for further details)
  2. Female students who have displayed a strong interest in science and math
  3. A 3.0 grade-point average

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Participant Reviews

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