Students read, write, think & dream Classical Archaeology (both Latin and Greek). Intensive, site-specific exploration & study of the ancient Greek city of Paestum & the Roman city of Pompeii in Southern Italy.

Students absorb as much as they can about everything from Latin inscriptions and ancient city-planning, to temple architecture, the history of the domus, and Roman frescoes; they also read ancient poets and historians who shed light on these two archaeological sites.

HSABC starts with a 5-day orientation period in Assisi, Umbria where students get to know 3 small Roman cities well, and then heads south to Villa Lucia in Paestum, our home-base for the rest of the trip. Villa Lucia is near a beautiful beach; students have time to relax & process the great classical art and architecture we see and study together.

Students keep a trip book where they write about or sketch the ancient cities we visit. HSABC also tours nearby Naples, its wonderful Archaeological Museum and the city itself, & the Amalfi Coast -- lemon groves, ancient Roman villas, festivals, processions, and the cloister of Paradise.

Students need have no previous knowledge or background in archaeology, Greek, Latin, or Italian. The only prerequisite at HSABC is the desire to learn.

Our HSABC director, Jane R. Oliensis, got her degrees in Classics at Harvard and Columbia Universities. Professor Oliensis started Humanities Spring in 1991.

Students from previous summers would be happy to discuss their HSABC experiences with interested students (and their parents!).


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