Experiment in International Living: Argentina - Community Service and the Great Outdoors

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Spend a high school summer abroad exploring the landscapes of Argentina, learning Spanish, and engaging in community service.

Program Description

From Buenos Aires, travel to colonial Salta La Linda, capital of the Salta province, on Argentina’s northern frontier, where you spend two weeks sharing day-to-day life with an Argentine host family. During this period, work on a community service project such as volunteering at a center for children with developmental disabil­ities or helping to renovate an orphanage or kindergarten. Participate in Spanish language classes with other members of your group and learn about local gaucho culture. Go white-water rafting or hike to a traditional ranch where you learn how to rope cattle. Continue on to the small town of Chicoana, just south of the city of Salta, where you assist on service activities such as painting or landscaping.

Then, embark on a week of outdoor exploration with your group and leaders. Ride horseback, stay on a large ranch, and enjoy traditional barbeque. Travel through the mountains to the city of Cafayate, stopping at famous rock formations. In Cafayate, take a bike tour of the city and then ride to the sand dunes. Return to Buenos Aires for a final day of exploration and reflection.

Sample Itinerary

Days 1–4
Orientation in Buenos Aires

  • Learn about the history and culture of Argentina Visit sites of interest in the city, including art galleries, theaters, and parks
  • Get to know other members of your group during activities
  • Practice your Spanish language skills
  • Meet with local students
  • Boat to nearby islands

During the orientation period, you and your group will stay in a centrally located hotel.

Days 5–19

  • Do activities with your homestay family
  • Take Spanish and folk-dancing lessonsInteract with local students
  • Perform community service projects at nonprofit organizations in your homestay town

Thematic Focus

  • Travel to La Caldera and visit an estancia (ranch)
  • Go white-water rafting
  • Explore richly colored foothills and see caves full of pre-Columbian art

During this period, you will stay in the home of a family. Sample host communities: Salta and Posadas

Days 20–23
Community Service in Chicoana

  • Work on service projects such as painting and gardening at a school

During this period, you and your group will stay at a nearby hostel.

Days 24–27
Outdoor Excursion (Thematic Focus)

  • Go trekking on horseback over mountains and sand dunes
  • See famous rock formations near Cafayate and tour the city on bicycle
  • Enjoy traditional barbeque and local cheesesVisit an ancient mountain chapel
  • Spend time on a large working ranch

During this excursion, you and your group will stay in campsites and village guest houses.

Day 28
Program Reflection and Wrap-up in Buenos Aires

  • Reflect with your group on your experiences during the program
  • Visit places of interest

During the reflection period, you and your group will stay in a centrally located hostel.

Day 29

History of the Experiment

The Experiment in International Living is a non-profit organization that has been offering immersive experiential learning programs abroad since 1932. Today, The Experiment offers three-, four-, and five-week summer programs for high school students in more than 20 countries around the world.

Programs are designed to equip participants not only with essential cultural skills and, in many cases, language skills, but also with a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to critical global issues shaping the diverse communities and regions we visit. Each year, hundreds of Experimenters come away from their summer abroad with invaluable new skills, connections, awareness, and knowledge that help them to thrive—and lead—in diverse, intercultural environments.

The Experiment is committed to providing participants from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with access to The Experiment’s immersive cross-cultural programs through its partnerships, scholarships, and other initiatives.

The Experiment places the highest priority on health, safety, and security. Each program follows a comprehensive structure designed to maximize the well-being of all participants while they engage in dynamic cross-cultural experiences.

We have implemented specific risk management strategies that include a 24-hour emergency on-call service and regular safety reviews. We hire and train experienced adult group leaders and maintain longstanding partnerships with in-country offices to support each of our programs.


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