Through Maker Centers and Simulations, you will gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology while applying your engineering skills and creativity to help solve real-world problems. This allows you to leave the program with a clearer vision of your future career path and how to achieve your goals.

Program Highlights

What you will Learn

  • Why the core principles of engineering and problem-solving are critical to innovation and success in the 21st century
  • Information about the vast array of engineering and technology professions to help you make informed choices about your future career path
  • How to incorporate the full scope of the design thinking process while constructing low-cost solutions that also help achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

What you will Experience

  • Life on the campus of a top-ranked engineering school and college-level curriculum designed in collaboration with faculty from Villanova University’s College of Engineering
  • Interacting with industry professionals from various engineering and technology fields during the Afternoon with the Experts panel and networking event
  • Programming a microprocessor to fly a model helicopter during the Helicopter Electronics Workshop developed by Andrew Barry, Ph.D., MIT Graduate and Founder of Stage One Education
  • Maker Center challenges, such as designing a:
    • Wing spar for an experimental jet aircraft capable of supporting the lift and drag loads experienced during flight
    • Lower leg prosthesis that limits deflection using end point loading and simulates actual movement, allowing the recipient to lead a normal life
    • Support structure for an observation walkway capable of safely reaching out 30 feet beyond the edge of the Grand Canyon
    • Cantilever drive shaft for a race car capable of transmitting extreme horsepower with minimal loss
  • Applying your engineering skills to make a real-world difference

Enrich Your Envision Experience - Cultural Extension

After completing the program, you have the opportunity to enhance your Envision experience by participating in the Cultural Extension in San Francisco, where you will make new memories while exploring all that the “City by the Bay” has to offer. You may sign up for the Cultural Extension during the enrollment process.

As part of the enrollment process you will be asked to fill out a short application to confirm your program eligibility.

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Participant Reviews

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This program hasn't been reviewed yet. Write the first review!

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