Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University is dedicated to helping academically talented students, age 3 through grade 12, reach full potential. We provide research-based assessment, advanced programs, and resources to enhance a child’s schooling. Our programs include:

Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)

Research-based assessments for grades 3-9  which: 

  • Identify exceptional academic ability and areas of strength
  • Monitor growth over time
  • Connect students to a community of peers and tailored programs and opportunities 
  • Set a course for a lifelong journey of achievement and fulfillment

The PSAT™8/9 test, designated for students in grade 8, is administered to students in grades 3 though 6.  ACT® and SAT®, designed for students in grades 11 and 12, are administered to students in grades 6 through 9.

Summer Program

Rigorous, academic adventures, with life-changing impact, allow gifted students to:

  • Delve deep into a subject of intrigue
  • Build upon their already existing strengths
  • Connect with a community of peers from all over the globe
  • Gain a glimpse into college life through residential options
  • Partner with real-world organizations, including various Northwestern University research and design departments and local technology firms
  • Access Chicago's array of cultural institutions
  • Earn high school or AP® credit

Civic Education Project (CEP)

Hands-on, real-life opportunities for bright, impassioned students to:

  • Engage in social issues first-hand
  • Combine service-learning with academic study and reflection
  • Develop the knowledge and leadership skills needed to change the world 

CTD Online Programs

Challenging online courses, which allow motivated students to: 

  • Access advanced subject matter, including honors and AP® level, credit-bearing options
  • Progress at the time, place and pace right for them
  • Enjoy one-on-one engagement with instructors
  • Connect with peers from all around the world

CTD Weekend Enrichment Programs

Wide variety of advanced and unique courses, which offer students: 

  • Career exploration with practicing professionals through Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE)
  • Opportunities to delve deeply into a subject area of interest through the Saturday and Sunday enrichment courses

Cost and Session Information

Tuition and Fees vary by program. Please visit www.ctd.northwestern.edu/programs for the full list of programs and respective tuition and fees.

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