Play a role in protecting endangered animals in Australia, one of the most biodiverse nations on the planet! Students who attend this 3-week CIEE Global Navigator progam for high school students will learn about the Australian wildlife and the conservation of critically endangered marsupials.

Koalas and kangaroos, quokkas and spotted quolls, wombats and wallabies, bilbies, bats and bandicoots. There are 235 species of Australian marsupials, many of which are vulnerable or endangered due to introduced predators, habitat loss and climate change. Your mission, as visiting environmental stewards, is to learn about these animals, study the science behind extinction, and help implement practical solutions with your team.

Along with these conservation efforts you’ll spend time trekking around the wild shores and bushlands of Western Australia, observing flora and fauna and the glorious scenery around you. Most days begin in classrooms on the Murdoch University campus, just a five-minute walk from the apartment-style dorms where you’ll live in with fellow CIEE classmates.

Along with conservation and biology, your classes cover topics like Australian and Indigenous Culture to put your summer experience into context. In the afternoons, take part in field work or group activities like sports, surfing, and visits to the zoo and other attractions. In your free time, get into the laid-back Aussie lifestyle: Chill in the park or a local coffee shop. Shoot some pool or watch movies in the student lounge. Explore cosmopolitan downtown Perth, discover ancient Nyoongar art in Kings Park, and catch glorious ocean sunsets along the coast.

To learn more about the application deadline, session dates, and overall costs, check out our website!

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