Focus on eco-innovation and leadership training while helping communities in need create their own green energy.

Do you enjoy tinkering and figuring out clever tech solutions to real-world problems? Collaborating with diverse groups to improve living conditions for all? This could be just your thing. In the sunny Caribbean, you’ll get hands-on training in building affordable green-energy devices and then teach others in the community how to “spread the light,” near and far.

Working with a global NGO called Liter of Light, you’ll put your Spanish skills to good use while training local teens in sustainable energy production and self-sufficiency. Your task: To create lighting and cellphone-charging stations — using battery kits, recycled plastic and solar panels — to share with households that lack basic electricity: something most of us take for granted. Think of this as a STEM project with legs! As part of a “train the trainer” program, NGO leaders train the CIEE students, who in turn train their peers in the community, who then become youth facilitators in their own communities (under the supervision and leadership of the NGO personnel). And on and on it goes.

Your days will be full, with daily Spanish classes and peer activities before and after your service work. Along with field trips to places like the Renewal Energy Lab at Instituto Superior de Agricultura, you’ll round out your experience with visits to cultural attractions and scenic destinations. Explore the local mountains on horseback, visiting waterfalls and caves. Learn to dance merengue, salsa and the local favorite, bachata. Chat with talkative and friendly locals in the plaza over dominoes. Enjoy an enormous noonday feast of rice and beans, roasted meat, plantains, sweet potatoes and more with your host family. While there’s plenty of opportunity for coffee and snacks out on the town, almost all meals are shared at home, so you get to know the authentic tastes and traditions of everyday life.

By the end of your stay, you’ll have gained valuable leadership and training skills and learned first-hand about obstacles that exist for energy production and other basic services in developing countries. At the same time, you’ll be part of an exciting solution that not only empowers communities, but sets the future course for sustainable green energy development worldwide.

Learn more about our partner NGO here:
What is Liter of Light?
Liter of Light is a global project (operating in more than 20 countries) and a cheap solution for bringing light into the houses of the poor people in countries of the global south without the need of paying electricity bills. We believe in a world where children can read a book inside of their house, so that it is possible for them to achieve everything they want to. Let's illuminate lives with every bottle we build!

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