Discover what makes this innovative city a beacon of economic and social progress throughout Latin America.

Santiago is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit, most notably in its expanding Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) sector. Whatever your interests – literature, arts, sustainable development or the food industry – there are small businesses here working to bring them to life. 

You’ll meet the creative minds behind a range of operations: organic farmers, solar panel manufacturers, and earth architects; Chilean food truck owners and food recyclers; owners of independent music labels and online media; independent book publishers and bookbinders; street art organizations, screen-printing artists and artisan craft workers; organic cosmetics companies and traditional medicine manufacturers. The list goes on!

Through day tours to different markets and visits to various entrepreneurs, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the role of both creative and cultural influences in the local economy. For a deeper dive, you’ll team up with other participants to develop a business plan proposal – and then pitch it to a committee.

Aside from project and field work, you’ll visit theaters and cultural sites, hang out with friends in the park, go on amazing excursions to the mountains and the desert, and do folk dancing and other fun activities with local students.

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