Join youth in solidarity to further environmental justice in Northeast Thailand.

Your journey begins in Khon Kaen in Northeast Thailand, a region known for its welcoming attitude toward visitors. Khon Kaen city is a modern city that in many ways stands in stark contrast to the region as a whole. Northeast Thailand is home to one-third of the country’s population, yet its residents face rampant poverty, environmental injustice, and political exclusion. While largely rural, the region is changing rapidly due to large-scale development projects, ranging from hydroelectric dams to mining to forest harvesting. With development comes air and water pollution, as well as the potential for long-lasting effects on the health of people and the environment. Many communities have called for justice for decades and their children are now being challenged to carry on the struggle. Your challenge will be to learn about the environmental or human rights issues from a youth group, to forge relationships, and to come up with a project that you will carry out together. The project may take the form of an Environmental English Camp for younger kids, or it may be in the form of a campaign to raise awareness on the issue. In order to serve the needs of the project, you will need to form an effective group yourselves. Each individual will need to be able to identify their own culture, their own biases, their assets, and their values as a person. Then they will need to know where their Thai peers are coming from and find ways to skillfully bridge differences. The goal is that you will have made friendships within your group and gained a sense of solidarity with the Thai youth group. But also it will be for you to see your role as an engaged global citizen–not just in Thailand, but perhaps even more importantly, when you return home.

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Session I: June 9 - June 29 2019 Session II: July 7 - July 27 2019

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