Centenary Summer Scholars: Forensic Science/CSI Camp

Hackettstown, NJ


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a crime scene investigator like those on popular shows? In our forensic science class, students get hands-on experience with a variety of forensic science techniques.

This course is much more than simple finger printing. We offer an intriguing look at one of the most popular career choices for college students these days. In our course, we delve deeply into the science of crime scene investigation: trajectory analysis, fluid spatter evidence, fluid analysis, and other scientific techniques used by real-life forensic scientists.

Last summer in the forensic science summer camp, they did an experiment where they took samples from all over campus- door knobs in bathrooms, the lake, one from a student?s boot- and put them in Petri dishes to see how much bacteria grew in each of them. They also made imprints of their own shoes and were able to take the casts home with them. Also, each student gets to help create crime scene scenarios and set them up with the appropriate evidence and the other students will have to solve them using the skills they have been building in class. Our talented instructor will create elaborate crime scenes for the class to solve as well. Each crime scene will be different and more complicated than the last. The students will interrogate suspects, investigate the case, and make the final ruling using the lab?s high tech equipment. This class incorporates practical knowledge and new skills for an exciting session.

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