Power Your Potential this summer with Quarter Zero’s Catapult Incubator!


Bring your idea or join a team, build a startup this summer, get mentorship from industry advisors along the way. Travel to Silicon Valley, Chicago and New York City.


QØ’s Catapult Incubator is our flagship program for young people with entrepreneurial potential.  You will master the QØ 5-step process for launching a company as you work with a team of other talented young people to build a company.

We accept 2 types of high school students

Founders: Already have an idea, could be early stage, all the way up to more mature business that need help scaling.  You are applying to QØ because you want to launch or grow your company. You want access to our pro-bono legal, branding, and our venture capital network.  You need teammates who are also talented and eager to grow your idea. Roughly ~20% of our accepted participants are founders

Free Agents: You want to master startups by working on a real company this summer.  You are excited to help grow a Founder’s idea. You have your own ideas about launching a company in the future, and you want the skills, knowledge, and techniques to do it successful when the time comes.  About ~80% of our participants are Free Agents.


Our program is 6-weeks, we meet in person for 3 of those weeks

Startups take time.  Unlike an idea or a pitch competition that can come together in a weekend, real companies have a lot of trial and error and take time.  Therefore from years of experience, we’ve established an optimized schedule that helps you learn, but also give you space to experiment and try things out over the course of the summer.  Our schedule is:

Week 1 - San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Team formation and customer discovery

Week 2,3 - Remote, you are back at home, meeting daily with your team over video chat to build a prototype of your product or service.  You will be required to spend at least 4 hours a day on your venture. A lot of team meetings and collaboration happen.

Week 4 - Chicago, You will have a functioning product at this point and now the focus transitions to how to get paying customers and create a sustainable revenue model

Week 5 - Remote, you are back at home, working with your team to build the v2 of your product as well as grow your customer base and prepare for Demo Day

Week 6 - New York City, We prepare you to pitch your idea to venture capitalists among many others.  For some teams investment is the next step, for many, there is still work that can be done.


You learn startup techniques as well as invaluable skills and experience


Our entrepreneur facilitators fuse best practices from corporate and startup world with teaching to give you a world class experience.  You cannot learn these concepts in this way anywhere else or with so much personalized support. You will leave knowing the exact process and tactics to launch your own company in the future.

Startup Skills

Leadership, teamwork, persuasion, negotiation, networking, these are the things you don’t learn in school.  At QØ, these are a major focus and you will use these skills on a daily basis to the point where you will master your own approach to life and put these skills into practice every day after.


Experienced guides to help you along the way

Each program features Entrepreneur Facilitators, Industry advisors, and Guests from leading startups as well as more mature companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Twitch, Spotify, AirBnb, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.  You also have access to Design and Legal specialists to give your startup all the resources that an adult entrepreneur would have access to.


Who is QØ Good For?

This is for young people aged 13-20 who want to experience entrepreneurship.  We accept young people who have little experience but show potential, as well as experienced Founders who’ve started a business before and maybe even have a business they want to bring to our program to help it grow - and everyone in between.  The programs are competitive, we are accepting only 200 people total this year across all our programs.


Site Visits

Each program features site visits to companies and cultural attractions.  Past visits include:

  • Google HQ in Mountain View, CA
  • Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco
  • Startup Hub ‘1871’ in Chicago
  • Barclay’s Financial Technology Center ‘Rise’ in NYC
  • TechStars HQ in Boulder, CO
  • Youtube HQ in Los Angeles, CO
  • Millenium Park in Chicago
  • Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco
  • Times Square in NYC


Entrepreneurs-In-Residence and Guest Speakers

You will hear firsthand about the inner workings of startups and entrepreneurship culture.  Previous speakers included:

  • Elizabeth Scherle - Influenster, Co-Founder and President
  • Perihan AbouZeid - MoviePigs, Founder & CEO
  • Ita Ekpoudom - Tigress Ventures, Chief Executive Officer
  • Aakash Patel - Riverside Acceleration Capital, Analyst
  • Lily Meng  - Google, Solutions Consultant
  • Christina Lewis Halpern - All Star Code, Founder and Executive Director
  • Jennifer Stybel - Rent the Runway Foundation, Executive Director
  • Slava Rubin - Indiegogo, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer


The Quarter Zero Story

We believe that every person has potential. The potential to create, disrupt and thrive. But for that potential to be fully realized it needs to be affirmed and developed starting at an early age. At Quarter-Zero, we exist to help young people power their potential. We do this by creating a immersive, real-world entrepreneurial environment where young people can work hand-in-hand with top industry advisors to shape and guide their passions and ideas. Our learning and development experiences challenge our participants to become problem solvers, equipped with the skills to thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world. And our alumni network and investment arm keeps us connected, providing professional resources and access to industry advisors for everyone who has been part of a Quarter-Zero experience and direct-financial support for select startups. Every person has potential. Power yours with Quarter-Zero, the entrepreneurial experience for young people.


Learn More About QØ’s Catapult Incubator →


Cost and Session Information

Catapult Incubator - 6 weeks - $6,800 (full tuition scholarships available)

Cost Breakdown

  • Tuition**: $4,300
  • Room, Board, + Local Trans*: $2,500
  • Partial to full scholarships available


Begins in Silicon Valley, then travel to Chicago, and concludes in NYC.  This year we have 2 Incubators. Each incubator is the same in content and format, only the dates are different.

Incubator A June 18 - July 27

  • Silicon Valley: June 18 - 22
  • *Virtual work with your team: June 23 - July 8
  • Chicago: July 9 - 13
  • *Virtual work with your team: July 14 - 22
  • New York City: July 23 - 27

Incubator B June 25 - Aug 3

  • Silicon Valley: June 25 - 29  
  • *Virtual work with your team: June 30 - July 15,
  • Chicago: July 16 - 20,
  • *Virtual work with your team: July 21 - 29
  • New York City: July 30 - August 3

Students are responsible for travel expenses to each city.  Once you land in each city, we handle most logistics for you. We provide an airport shuttle, make the hotel reservations, pair you with a roommate, arrange most meals, and organize transportation each day. More details provided during the application process.



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